“Design your life” has become a motto for me, a positive way of thinking. Positive affirmation almost – I have taught myself to believe in the fact that I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire.

I want this motto to trickle into every facet of my life, but how silly of me to think of it as something I can just ‘switch on’… The thing is, our minds are powerful but sometimes (bad) habit overrides our desire to follow through on something new, this is not unusual and most often the reason we fail to do things even if we really really want to. My success with this comes from setting the right intention, it helps me achieve the goals I set for myself, you may be asking – are those not the same thing? Well, no, there is a distinct difference between goals and intentionsGoals are something you hope to achieve, but may fall short of. Intentions are something you plan to do, regardless of the outcome. … Intention is a way of thinking.

A pure example of this in my life is my weight loss journey. I lost a total of 20kgs in 12months, this was not a goal I set for myself and honestly I didn’t even think I had that much to loose but looking back at October 2017 and working with what was happening in my life at the time – I knew that my way of thinking, my intention for my life had to shift. I went from an over indulging (mostly in food) to simplifying my diet to nurture my body, feeding it what I needed to heal. You can read more about my health scare over at Womens Health Magazine where I share more about my health history and how personal trauma landed me in hospital with acute liver failure.

Since that article my fitness routine has changed dramatically but I will get into that at a later stage when I’ll share how you can make similar changes to get healthy.

Be it physical, emotional or environmental – wherever you feel you need to change things up, my message to you is that you have the freedom and power to create the life you desire, DESIGN YOUR LIFE!

Start this journey today, not because it’s a new year, but because you are worth not wasting another minute thinking or feeling otherwise.


Written and compiled by Melissa Lawrence, photographs by Fiona Joy photography and M/MSKII 

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