Style your home this winter

As the seasons change and we find ourselves adding layers to ward off the chill and swapping out floral summer dresses for muted knitted-wear, we find ourselves contemplating the styling tones of our home. Beyond pulling out the dust covered heaters from our wardrobes, there are a few things that you can do to style your home this winter.

When approaching the changes to our personal style, we also take the time to consider our daily routines, weighing out practicality and comfort and of course colour tones. This is the same when approaching interior style. We can keep in touch with trending tips, however, styling is extremely personal as you need to make the most out of a space and its purpose. With many of us transitioning into the “working from home” lifestyle, we may require separate cosy nooks to break away from the office space or updated spaces to inspire productivity – and there are lovely small (and easy) ways to do this.

Style your home by adding more layers

The most simple way that you could consider when cosying up your home, is to add various layers throughout your space. Textured cushions, soft cosy throws and wooly knitted blankets will automatically create a warm atmosphere. Consider woven throw pillow covers, faux fur textures and various sizes to create depth to create an image of comfort and play around with the placement of these and contrasting them to each other.

Bringing in warmer tones

Your interior colour palette is often strongly affected by the season. Although we don’t often make big conscious changes in our homes, simply adding a different scatter cushion, or changing our bedding can make a difference in how we experience our space. A range of warm whites, beige, and sun-drenched inspired hues can illude the feeling of sun seeping into your home even on a chilly winter afternoon. Subtle changes can be made in coloured vases, scatter cushions, bathroom towels and even kitchen towels.

Incorporating raw materials

Our final simple way to add a touch of warmth and style your home this winter is to bring a little bit of the outside in. Elements of raw materials and details such as dried greenery can enhance the warmth of your space. Bunches of “bunny tail” grass or ethically sourced and preserved pampas can be a simple but elegant way of redecorating your sideboard for winter. You can also consider introducing touches of wood, to prepare your home for the cooler months – small stools, plant stands or even replacing metal fruit baskets with wooden version for the season can introduce small hints of warmth.


Written & compiled by Jamanca Feldman.

All images belong to SML unless otherwise stated.