Getting organised is not something I struggle with, it’s staying organised when life happens – that’s the tough part… BUT no better time than a new year to start fresh, you know – while we are all enthusiastic and refuelled from the holiday season . Truth is you can start fresh any damn time you want! But for the sake of New Year goals, let’s talk about getting organised!

My favourite project for 2018 had to be our home studio, a little bias I know, but I get to enjoy the space every day and while it has already evolved since it’s original makeover, I love that everything has it’s place and its a functional space.

3 simple steps to organising any space:

Declutter and purge – every good organising project starts with decluttering, it simply doesn’t make sense to start organising without getting rid of things you don’t need anymore. When decluttering and purging create three piles, one for items you plan to keep, the other for items you’ll be throwing away and the third for items you are able to donate.

Design – think about how you function in the space and design your layout accordingly, consider how you will be storing the items you have chosen to keep and what storage solutions are best suited for the application. When designing a space take to pinterest for inspiration, creating a moodboard of your space will help you carry out a design theme resulting in a beautiful cohesive space and you may even discover a storage solution DIY you never thought of before.

Give everything a place – divide the items you need to store into two groups, those that you use all the time (daily or multiple times daily) and those that are essential but get used on a less regular basis (maybe once or twice a week). The items you use less often, can go into drawers or cabinets, hide them away (still within reach so you can access them easily – not boxes upon boxes stacked up so you can’t get to the contents) so they don’t add any clutter to your workspace. The items you use daily need to be easy to grab at any moment, but also just as easy to put away so they don’t add to the surface clutter after a task.


Written, compiled and photographed by Melissa Lawrence. 

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