So nice to have you here, Studio Melissa Louise is a creative design firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. With a focus on Interior Design, we also offer a range of design based solutions for online and social media marketing.

Our interiors are inspired by an enquiring contemporary aesthetic and timeless classicism, with a respect for materials, combined with natural textures and traditional craftsmanship. We believe a space should be functional, beautiful and sentimental – that is design magic!

What we do

Interior Design


Interior/Product Styling

Social Media Management


Candle making workshops



Content Creation

Client Reviews



*our little home run studio is bursting, it has been for some time…

We are growing, stretching and constantly adapting – it amazes me, how resilient us humans are. The search for more space paired with the global pandemic we are all experiencing has lead us to the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus.

We will continue to offer our full services to our Cape Town clients, online and on site, with a team based in the city and on the coast we are excited to explore this new working landscape with you.

Get in touch to discuss your upcoming project, shop online and find new ways to live abundantly despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in. We cant wait to show you our new space, we will be back in studio on the 1st of September 2020.