SML goes nationwide – JHB & PTA Candle Making Workshops Oct 2022

We have been hosting sold out candle making workshops since 2017, the SML workshop is a hands on workshop in which we will cover the basics of candle making with a fundamental focus on hand poured vegan soy wax scented massage candles. Our workshop is based on our personal experience and how we use traditional craftsmanship with pure ingredients to create a top quality product that burns sustainably, smells divine and is also a nourishing massage oil.

Over the years our workshop has gained the attention of small business dreamers, those wanting to start their own businesses in the candle industry and alike, so much so that we divided our workshop in two. One purely recreational and the other with a focus on small business fundamentals and foundation building…

While making these changes, we heard the crys from South Africans around the country wishing us to their city! SO… This year, we did it! We visited both JHB & PTA this last October, hosting 4 workshops over 3 days – It was absolutely wonderful to meet other candle making enthusiasts, growing this community and sharing our stories along the way.

Enjoy the photos from our various workshops,

The #SMLcandlemaking workshop covers the basics of candle making with a fundamental focus on hand poured vegan soy wax scented massage candles. 

Our physical workshops cover the following:
– An introduction to candle making.
– Different types of candles.
– Methods of candle making.
– The benefits of soy wax.
– Blending essential oils.
– Candle making equipment and care thereof.
– Stockists details.
– How to create a personal brand with a focus on Instagram. (This includes photo editing tools, our favourite apps and tips on how to maximise your engagement.)

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Written & compiled by Melissa Lawrence. Photographed by Jamanca Feldmen, post production by Melissa Lawrence.

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