Saving water with Stodels

My house plants are thriving, so while my thumb is green I popped in at Stodels Nursery and Gardens centre to get a few more plants! I was thrilled when they asked me to partner with them in showing the selection of water wise plants they have! 

Being water wise is so important, now more than ever! South Africa has been declared a water-scarce region and as of November 2016 Cape Town has entered level three water restrictions. Water restrictions encourage us to be smart about how we use and re-use water. Did you know a family of four can use anything between 300 and 800 litres of water in a home per day! How crazy?

You can start saving water by buying water wise plants, they need less water and this is the perfect opportunity for you to re-use your household water, be it dish water or bath water…

Unsure on which plants are water wise? Don’t even stress, Stodels have marked all the plants they have on display, also the staff are so friendly and ready to help. With their assistance, I bought two Echeverias (for R24 each!) , a beautiful Pink Aechmea Bromelia and my favorite Senecio string of beads. Lets not pretend I knew these botanical names, I copied them straight from the labels, I’ll tag them below. haha. 

#Stodelsnursery have the most beautiful pots too, the perfect way to finish off any space!


Left: Echeveria | Right: Senecio string of beads


Above: Pink Aechmea Bromelia

Want to pop in today to get a few water wise indoor plants? Find a branch near you and GO GO GO!

Their trading hours are as follows:

Monday10:00 until 18:00
Tuesday09:00 until 18:00
Wednesday09:00 until 18:00
Thursday09:00 until 18:00
Friday09:00 until 18:00
Saturday09:00 until 18:00
Sunday09:00 until 17:00
Public Holidays (excludes Christmas Day & New Years Day)09:00 until 17:00


All photographs by Melissa Louise unless stated.

Sponsored by Stodels Nursery and Gardens centre

Assistant stylist: Nikita Bandli. 

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