Resetting my intention when it comes to food has completely shifted how and what I eat. I am on a path of discovery, always experimenting with alternatives and concocting new recipes based on old favourite flavours. This pina colada breakfast bowl is exactly that, a less healthy option of the healthy options but a delicious treat on a day where you may need motivating or rather as a dessert when hosting a dinner party…

Shopping list

Lite coconut milk


Frozen or fresh banana

Frozen or fresh pineapple

Coconut shavings


Protein powder

Garnish; edible flowers

*You will notice I have not added quantities above, this is because everyone enjoys their smoothie bowl differently, adding more or less of these ingredients will change the texture and flavour intensity of your end product. I feel it best for you to use your intuition here.

Notes: Dependent on the strength of your blender, you can decide to use frozen or fresh fruit, I use a Nutri Bullet which manages frozen fruit just fine. I also like the the texture of the smoothie when using frozen fruit, its sort of slushy. Make sure to chop up and freeze your fruit the night before. If you end up using fresh fruit you can add an ice block or two to chill the mixture slightly.


Add equal parts liquid , fruit and dry ingredients into the blender. BLITZ! Tasting it you can decide what it might need more of, more dry ingredients will make it thicker and more of one than the other will intensify that flavour. If it is too thick add a dash of water to dilute the flavour or lite coconut milk to make it more creamy. Whichever you prefer. BLITZ, again! Pour it into a bowl or enjoy it from the cup you blitzed it in, I add garnish for texture – this maybe chopped banana and pineapple, edible flowers or a seed mix with oats and coconut shavings.


Written, compiled and photographed by Melissa Lawrence, assisted by Kayleigh Schuitema. 

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