Sweet Orange Soy Candle


Our candles burn beautifully but also make nourishing massage oil, sweet orange is known for treating dry skins and renewing dull complexions, an added benefit is its fresh and fruity aroma.

This candle is slightly yellow in colour, this is a natural side effect of sweet orange essential oil.


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Each candle is hand poured to roughly 200ml and has an estimated burning time of 45-50 hours.

Amber jar with bamboo lid, size:  7.5cm height X 9.5cm diameter.
Dome glass jar, size: 11.5cm height X 7.5cm diameter.
Standard glass, size: 9cm height X 7cm diameter.

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Additional information

Weight600 g
Dimensions15 × 10 × 10 cm

Amber Jar with Bamboo Lid, Dome Glass Jar, Standard Glass