SML Candle Making Course – Online


After hosting sold out physical candle making workshops over the last year, we have launched an online version of our workshop so that we can reach our worldwide audience.

In this workshop we will cover the basics of candle making with a fundamental focus on hand poured vegan soy wax scented massage candles. This workshop is based on our personal experience and how we use traditional craftsmanship with pure ingredients to create a top quality product that burns sustainably, smells divine and is also a nourishing massage oil.

We recommend that you purchase our candle making starter kit along with our candle making course to ensure you have all the equipment you need to get started on your candle making journey at home.

*Note: This course is comprised of PDF material only, we are here for online support via email. Please note that this course has a download limit, be sure to save your document – if you are having trouble or have lost your document please get in touch.


Frequently asked questions:

When must I start and how long do I have to finish the course?
You can get going whenever you like and can work at your own pace until you have completed the course. Once you have downloaded the PDF it is yours to keep, for you to work from any time! We ask that you please do not re-distribute this document.
What do I do if I have additional questions about the course work?
We are here to support you on your candle making journey, please feel free to email us on with your query and we’ll get back to you soonest!
Will you be doing a video version of this course?
Filming and editing is super time consuming and not to mention pricey. We are working on video courses to release at a later stage but as the nationwide and international demand, for our candle making workshop has been so high we thought we would offer PDF options in the meantime!
Please note: This course is aimed at getting you started on your candle making journey, this is not a professional setup in anyway, this course is based on our personal non-commercial experience. Environmental factors will play a roll in the outcome of your candles. This is a hobbyist / crafting kit / course. We cannot guarantee professional results.


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