PROJECT: S-CAPE, safe house, community project.
PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Melissa Louise and Lana Kenney
BEFORE AND AFTER: See the blog post.

Studio Melissa Louise partnered with LanaLou Style on this project.

S-Cape is a local non-profit who works with these 1-2% of rescued victims to provide a place of safety and restoration for young women coming out of trafficking and sexual exploitation. S-CAPE also provides individualised therapeutic programs, skills development and services to empower and equip their residents to reintegrate into society. They currently have two safe houses in the Cape Town region. One house operates as a first stage home for residents with the capacity to have eight ladies living there including a room for a mother and her child. The second house is a transitional one which the ladies have the opportunity to move into and be more independent as they prepare to move out of the safe house and live on their own again.

Their second home desperately needed a makeover! S-cape relies on donations resulting in a mismatched environment. They wanted to reinvent this space and make it an inviting, calming and inspiring space for these women. Lana and I relied solely on donations for this project, we designed the spaces with what we had received and curated each space to feel more like home.