Interior Design – My Home Studio with @home

PROJECT: My Home Studio in collaboration with @home, The Homeware Store
COMPLETED: June 2018
PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Fiona Joy Photography


I have been working from home for a year now and it was time for a change, I needed a dedicated space, an inspiring space where I could be creative and focus on my daily tasks. Partnering with @home on this project was such a pleasure, quick delivery times and beautiful but functional furniture items made for a dreamy result.

Our home studio is the second bedroom in our home, it became a haven for misplaced homeware items. As a result, it was a cluttered space while my ‘work’ stuff overflowed into every other room. It was so important for me to be able to confine all these work-related things into one space, where I could close the door at the end of the day.

My husband and I both use this space so it was important to create a space that suited us both. He really loves dark colors with personality and wanted something dramatic, whereas for Studio Melissa Louise it was important that I created a space that reflected the brand. Light, bright and classic. I think we have achieved this in the space, see the full before and after transformation here.