Photography with School of Light

I have recently completed a certificate course in photography at School of Light and it was wonderful, so much so I though I would share some of my photographs with you.

First off School of Light offers two courses, a basic course and an intermediate course. I did the basic course and it was just perfect for me. Before I was hesitant to take my camera off auto, I never changed my settings in fear of not knowing how to put it back the way it was and I heavily relied on editing, through learning the technicalities of my camera and practising them on our practical days my confidence grew. For the first time I was considering the full composition of a photo (and not thinking ill just photoshop out this and that) – How lazy. I fell in love with light and how I could manipulate it to achieve the exact mood I wanted to portray. Mareli, lecturer and owner of School of light, is wonderful. She is hands on and has taught me so much, her lessons are fun and informative.

You can read up on all the course details here. Each week you will have assignments focusing on different things, below are a few photographs from throughout my 6 week journey. Ps: the course ends off with an exhibition – how fun?



School of Light promises to take you on a journey of discovering & exploring the beautiful synergy between light and the camera in an intimate yet energetic environment. Where passion is combined with the necessary know-hows, you will find yourself now not only seeing the moment, but also being able to capture it.




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All photographs are my own. 

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  • I’ve been using my camera on auto for like 5 years. I NEED to figure out how to use it properly – I think I need to investigate this a bit more. Also, your pics are beautiful!

    • Aw, thank you Cindy! You would benefit so much from this course, obviously I do still use my camera on auto in high pressure situations but knowing how to really use my camera properly and “playing” with it is so much fun! Also my blog quality has gone up (if I do say so myself) and in my opinion its due to the photography.