Pea & Pesto Soup by Pesto Princess

Pesto Princess has been a favorite brand of mine for the longest time, so when they asked me to work with them I couldn’t say no!

Pesto Princess was founded by Kathleen and started out really, really small, from her home kitchen in Observatory, back in 1998. Kathleen wanted to be a professional opera singer, but like most of us, she needed some extra cash to further her studies. Music was her first love, yet she had this second passion for food that she was longing to explore. Kathleen cooked up an intriguing array of baked and bottled goods which she sold on Fridays at the local school market.

Her domestic worker Jessie Limane was the first royally reluctant staff member who simply did not understand why Kathleen’s focus had shifted from cleaning to cooking. Today they have a fully accredited factory that is referred to as the ‘palace’, and continue to produce handmade pesto sauces using the same recipes they created 18 years ago. Making pesto is labour intensive, so the team is now about 40 strong.


img_2783_resizePesto Princess produce the most delicious range of pestos and pastes, and in May of 2016 they launched 4 brand new soups to the Pesto Princess range which you can find in the fridges of your local SPAR.

Classic Tomato Soup, Pea & Pesto Soup, Carrot Soup or Red Lentil Soup. They are all delicious and have a focus on being dairy, gluten and sugar free. I believe these soups are perfect all year round as comforting as they were in winter when I first tried them, I think they are lite enough to enjoy with a few shavings of pecorino and a glass of crisp white wine on the side.

To garnish my soup I added a few fresh peas, a sprinkling of fresh coriander and a dollop of pesto.





Sponsored by Pesto Princess

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