Newborn photoshoot with Friends

No, I am not a professional photographer, but I do like a pretty picture. I’m very sentimental and have always seen the value in good photography and capturing a special moment that can be had over and over again because of a single photo! A photograph has the power to remind you of the thoughts and emotion you were feeling at that time in your life. It’s so so very special.

Photography is something I have got better at, practice, patience and a photography short course have helped me feel more confident to get behind the camera. I take 95% of the photographs for Studio Melissa Louise and the other 5% of the time I like working with Fiona Joy Photography.

This newborn shoot with friends was such fun and is very special to me. Us girls have been friends since the beginning of high school, and now Nikita and I were lucky enough to capture the first born of our next generation.

Congratulations Tammy and Kyle on your beautiful baby boy. 

Enjoy this collection of photos,


Written, compiled by Melissa Lawrence. 

Photographed by Nikita Bandli and myself. 


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