What I have learnt in the first week of working for myself in my home studio,

– My home studio is a mess and needs a makeover:
My studio is the second bedroom in our home, the space that everything just gets dumped in, you know the room you leave your laundry in and close the door? It’s a functional space but not conducive to a productive working, because of this I have been working from the bed, the couch and the kitchen and it’s only half as exciting as it sounds and so there will be a studio make over coming soon. Watch this space.

-Embrace each other, build a community:
This has been overwhelmingly wonderful, I am so grateful for all the messages, well wishes and collaboration proposals I have received this week after my previous blog post. It has been so refreshing to meet with people in similar situations – to talk about our dreams and aspirations and to mentor each other through the process.

I took a walk around the block the other day during my lunch break, it was wonderful to be in the sunshine and to hear the birds chirp. While out I bumped into a good friend, we stopped for a while and spoke about business, being independent and working solo. I am so happy I took that walk!

So many of my friends who have their own businesses or freelance have told me that working alone can be lonely, I haven’t had that set in yet but based on the amazing community supporting me I dont think I have anything to worry about.

-My time VS me time. Knowing the difference:
All of a sudden the line between the two has become a little blurry. I have found that following a schedule this week has helped with this, being proactive and productive with my time has allowed me to have more me time.

Above: Bedroom/photographic studio. Below: Kitchen/candle makers workshop. 

-Kittens are enthrallingly distracting:
Cuddles all day. Crazy cat lady over hear living the dream. For all the kitten spam head on over to @LawrenceFurBabies, they are unbearably cute!

-Letting go:
Not of yourself (although I have only worn a bra twice this week and it is tempting to stay in PJs all day) but of the things you cannot control. Have you ever stopped to take note of how much time is wasted thinking and stressing about the things we have no control over? Well this week I have worked on letting go, saying no to things taking up space in my mind!

This week candles sales have been on the rise, thank you! Do you want to know more about our candles and how you can use them as a massage lotion? Read all about it here. 

A new Interior Design project on the go, House Hamilton, we started demo this week.

Left: Kitchen on Monday morning. Right: Kitchen on Friday morning. Head on over to our instagram stories now, for a full behind the scenes tour.  *Mobile version only for the next 24hrs. 

This week has been really busy which I am grateful for but I did spend alot of time waiting in my car between meetings, next week I am going to prioritise different tasks for each day of the week. A day of meetings and a day at my desk kind of thing, finding balance and learning how to execute tasks quickly and effectively! Oh and funny how doing housework has become more appealing than answering emails, procrastination at its best!


Written, compiled and photographed by Melissa Lawrence. 



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