DIY – Your very own terrarium

This is a a really simple but beautiful DIY and you don’t even have to have a green thumb to get it done. Terrariums make the best gifts, super cost effective to make and to maintain, and are perfect for on your desk, bedside table, or by the kitchen window where they can be admired and enjoyed.

Here is a quick step by step on how to get it done.

To make a terrarium you will need:

  • A glass globe to house the terrarium – this can be purchased new or a re-purposed glass jar or bowl that has a pleasing volume.
  • Beach sand.
  • Well draining potting soil.
  • Various mosses if you would like, I didn’t include this due to limited space. 
  • Small sticks, bark or stones for coverage.
  • Precious stones or shells for decoration.
  • Small plants/succulents well suited terrarium life.
  • Spray bottle or mister.

All of the above can be purchased at your local nursery.


Soil, stones, sand and plants.


Start by layering. I started with stones for filtration then added the sand and finally the soil. 


Finish by adding your decorative elements and watering. 


Ta-da! Now watch it grow… Water on occasion. 


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