DIY Kitty Castle

I am totally in love with this DIY colab by Astrid of SP4NK blog and Baba Souk ! A little while back I added it to my last weeks links post and threatened to make Sullivan one… Baba Souk saw that tweet and challenged me to it, and oh man I am glad they did. Sullivan LOVES it and it adds abit of quirky fun to our lounge space!

I teamed up with Zana and just love how it turned out…

Here’s what you will need:

1 || Cardboard boxes

2 || A Zana scrap pack

3 || Duct Tape

4 || Hem Tape

5 || A black marker

6 || Craft knife

7 || Timber Dowl

This is just a basic idea of how to assemble your very own Kitty Castle, but the creative direction is totally up to you. Give it a go and tag me on twitter or Instagram, I would love to see your creations- @melissalouisen

Let’s get started-


Using your Zana scrap pack prepare your flag. I used card to stabilise it, and tied it to the stick with gold ribbon.

Using more of your scrap pack create bunting. Use the hem tape to “glue” the two sides together.




Mark and cut where you want your openings to appear. Sullivan is so curious, he was involved in the entire process… 


I outlined the edges of the openings with black marker to make them more of a feature.


 and there you have it!

Sullivan loves it so much, he plays in it by sticking his paws out the bottom holes and I have lined the inside with his blanket, he likes to takes long snoozes in his castle. 


Design and assembly by me. Photos by Robyn @ Zana , Editing and compilation by Nikki @ Zana.

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