DIY Christmas Napkin

The Christmas countdown has begun and things are feeling lovely and festive around here… Last weekend I did this really fun DIY that I’ve been wanting to do for sometime. It is so simple but looks so stunning (If I do say so myself). I love the colour gold and I’m thinking that this year I might decorate our table setting with my custom do it yourself napkins.

DIY Christmas napkin01_resized

What you will need:

– 4 Standard white napkins

– Masking tape

– Gold spray paint (or whichever colour you have themed your table setting)

– Zana Christmas gift tags

STEP ONE: Lay out your napkin.

DIY Christmas napkin02_resized

STEP TWO: Decide on a pattern and mask off what you don’t want to be sprayed. I went with irregular stripes. I imagine polka dots to be pretty too but alot more time consuming. If you do decide to do polka dots I would recommend a stencil.

DIY Christmas napkin03_resized

STEP THREE: Spray in a well ventilated area. Do two coats, I found the fabric absorbed alot of the first coat.

DIY Christmas napkin04_resized

STEP FOUR: Once dry, remove the tape.I have only spray painted one side of the napkin as to allow you to still wipe your mouth on the reverse side. The spray painted side is purely decorative.

DIY Christmas napkin07_resized

AND YOU’RE DONE! What you think? For other fun ways to make use of the Zana gift tags have a look here. Its been one of my best buys this Christmas, endless options…

Buy them in ZAR here & in USD here.

DIY Christmas napkin08_resized

DIY Christmas napkin09_resized


All photos by Melissa Louise

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