Community project: We are creating a haven for S-CAPE

For the last month I have been working along side Lana, stylist and lifestyle blogger from Lanalou Style, on a very special community project –  we are creating a haven for S-CAPE and we need your help!

Lana and I are both passionate about beautiful spaces, so when approached by S-Cape to help transform their safe house into a inspiring space for young adults we jumped at it!

You may be wondering who or what S-CAPE is? Let me start with some facts, did you know that there are approximately 27 million people who are trapped in slavery at this very moment? Did you also know that only 1-2% percent of these 27 million victims are ever rescued?

S-Cape is a local non-profit who works with these 1-2% of rescued victims to provide a place of safety and restoration for young women coming out of trafficking and sexual exploitation. S-CAPE also provides individualised therapeutic programs, skills development and services to empower and equip their residents to reintegrate into society. They currently have two safe houses in the Cape Town region. One house operates as a first stage home for residents with the capacity to have eight ladies living there including a room for a mother and her child. The second house is a transitional one which the ladies have the opportunity to move into and be more independent as they prepare to move out of the safe house and live on their own again.

This second home desperately needs a makeover! S-cape relies on donations resulting in a mismatched environment. They would love to reinvent this space and make it an inviting, calming and inspiring space for these women and thats where you come in…

Lana and I have already had an overwhelmingly wonderful response to her blog post, thank you to everyone who has already donated, we cant wait to show you where and how you have made a difference!

I have included a few mood boards of how we envision the overall space to look and feel, the spaces are already coming together and we start with implementation next month, however we are still in need of a few more specific items.

If you would like to make a cash donation (I will send you a mail with what we have bought with your donation), know of someone who owns a homeware store who have sample stock to donate or if you would like to contribute any of the items listed below, please leave a comment on this blog post or pop me a mail. 

Lets take a quick tour of the home, I will break down each area and list the items still required for the space.

Entrance Hall

Things we still need for this space;

  • Welcome matt
  • 2 x Lampshades
  • Small/tall entrance table
  • 5 x matching knobs for the coat rack

Photographs of the current entry hall:

How we envision the entry hall to look: light, bright and functional!


Things we still need for this space;

  • 1 x Neutral eyelet curtain set (or dark grey fabric dye to dye these photographed)
  • Black anti rust paint for the fireplace
  • Storage basket for the fire wood
  • Rug (+- 1.8m X 2m)
  • Picture frames for a gallery wall
  • Tin of paint – light/medium grey for a focal wall. This can be left overs from a project you previously did or a brand new tin. (+-5litres)
  • Indoor plants

Photograph of the current livingroom:

How we envision the livingroom to look:

Study, off the living room. 

Things we still need for this space;

  • 1 x Study chair (We have a donated desk)
  • 2 x Macrame plant hangers
  • Monochrome fabric (+- 2m at 1.5m wide – we would like to update a peg board they have in the study)
  • Tin of paint – aqua or peach for a focal wall. This can be left overs from a project you previously did or a brand new tin. (+-2litres)
  • Indoor Plants

Photographs of the current study:

How we envision the study to look:


Things we still need for this space;

  • Mirror
  • Clothing hooks
  • Blinds/curtains and rod
  • Shower matt
  • Cash donation for a new cistern lid, the current one is broken under that horrid pink cover.

Photographs of the current bathroom:

How we envision the bathroom to look: light, bright and fresh! With not a touch of pink in sight!

Counselling Room

Things we still need for this space;

  • 1 x Bedside table
  • 1 x Bedside lamp
  • Rug (+- 1.8m X 2m)
  • Small dirt bin
  • Wall mounted clock
  • Picture frames
  • Small woven storage baskets (we would like to place these above the built in cupboard for extra storage)
  • Feel good, self help, autobiography books
  • Tin of paint – pink/green for a focal wall. This can be left overs from a project you previously did or a brand new tin. (+-5litres)
  • Indoor plants

Photographs of the current counselling room:

How we envision the counselling room to look:


Things we still need for this space;

  • Cash donation to replace the back door and lock
  • Storage basket to store the broom and mops
  • Tea towels
  • Stove plate covers
  • Vegetable trolley
  • Monochrome fabric (+- 3m at 1.5m wide – we would like to update a peg board they have in the kitchen)

Photograph of the current kitchen:

How we envision the kitchen to look: This is a surprise room, sponsored by Builders Warehouse. You will have to wait and see!


Things we still need for this space;

  • 2 x Bedside tables
  • 2 x Bedside lamp
  • Small dirt bin
  • Clothing hooks
  • Rug (+- 1.8m X 2m)
  • Cork pin board (+-2m x 2m)
  • 8 x Pillowcase inners

Photographs of the current bedroom:

How we envision the bedroom to look,

This is an incredibly fun project and it feels so good to give back! If you would like to be apart of this, please get in touch. Every little bit helps!

Keep an eye out for the end result!

To make the donation process easier it has been requested that I leave my banking details here;

Studio Melissa Louise banking details:
This is my business account, Thank you for your donation.

Account type: Capitec Global One Account.
Account Holder: Mrs ML Lawrence.
Account Number: 1467916135
Branch: Capitec, Victoria Road, Woodstock.
Branch Code: 470010

Please use your name followed by “S-Cape” as a reference or mail your POP to hello<at>


Written and compiled by Melissa Lawrence. 

Photographed by Lana Kenney. 



*Although we are grateful for each and every donation please keep in mind that we are trying to create a cohesive living space. Please donate items in our colour palettes or in pairs so that we can match things in rooms, alternatively cash donations are most welcome so that we can buy items to match. Thank you so much! 

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