Christmas with a difference

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… and I am fascinated by how we all celebrate Christmas differently be it at all! Family traditions, different heritage, holiday cheer in the snow or the sunshine – the feeling of Christmas/the holidays is different for all of us!

I recently did a guest blog post over at Lovilee on how to approach Christmas with a minimalist mindset, another way that some people in the world experience the holidays… If you are into trying something different this year head on over to have a read! Keeping along the lines of spicing it up this year why not adorn your house plants with fairy lights and ornaments and have multiple Christmas trees? I photographed this beautiful festive dinner for two setting with Plantify to show you just how beautiful non-traditional festivities can be.

Different ways to gift this Christmas

Shop online and send the delivery straight to a love ones door
I was so excited when I first discovered Plantify. They source fresh, on-trend plants from local growers and match them to a beautiful range of curated pots – which you can shop online.

It’s so easy, choose the plant and pot that you like. They package it in custom-made, 100% recycled packaging and courier it to your chosen destination. That’s it!

Pay it forward
Request that friends who will be spoiling you this festive season ratherPay-for-a-Spay… Did you know that it is estimated that in just six years, two cats and their offspring can produce over 370 000 kittens. Similarly, over 7 years two dogs can multiply to over 67 000! The cost of sterilising a pet can be out of reach for many pet parents and others may be unaware of the staggering numbers of young that unneutered animals can produce, this results in hundreds of thousands of unplanned and often unwanted, kittens and puppies are born each year.

One of the beneficiaries of the Pay-for-a-Spay campaign is TEARS Animal Rescue in Sunnydale, Cape Town. “We see a lot of suffering and despair that could have been prevented if more pets were sterilised,” said TEARS Co-Founder and Director Marilyn Hoole. “Last year we sterilised 2, 034 dogs and cats at no charge, but in these tough financial times it has become impossible for us to continue offering this free service.

“The massive needs associated with animal welfare can be overwhelming, but sponsoring a sterilisation for R350.00 is a simple way to make an immediate impact.”

To get involved in the #HillsPay4ASpay challenge visit for more information and to donate towards TEARS sterilisation drive.

Tell me how you are celebrating this year, I would love to chat over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Written, compiled and photographed by Melissa Lawrence. 

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