Candle making workshop – 22 June 2019

It was a stormy weekend in Cape Town, but none the less – this Saturday, with butterflys in my tummy, I hosted my first official candle making workshop. My favorite part was connecting with this inspiring group of ladies over the art of candle making! 

The #SMLCandlemaking workshop is a hands-on 3-hour workshop hosted in Salt River, Cape Town. We cover the basics of candle making with a fundamental focus on hand poured vegan soy wax scented massage candles. This workshop is based on our personal experience and how we use traditional craftsmanship with pure ingredients to create a top quality product that burns sustainably, smells divine and is also a nourishing massage oil.

You have the opportunity to explore a range of essential oils, blending them to create a balance of beautiful scents. Did you know that essential oils have healing properties? We also look into this and you will leave the workshop with two of your own signature candles – ready to enjoy at home.


Delicious light meal and refreshments catered by SOUTE.

We then take your physical product into the digital world, we share the basics on how to create a personal brand with a focus on Instagram as a platform. This will include photo editing tools, our favourite apps and tips on how to maximise your engagement.

It was wonderful meeting Kelsey and Leana in person, they have supported me online since day one. I love Instagram for this, it creates real friendships.
Candle making kits are sold at the workshop. These will be launched online soon.


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Written & compiled by Melissa Lawrence. Photographed by Kayleigh Schuitema, post production by Melissa Lawrence.

A big thank you to the group of ladies who attended the workshop, your willingness to learn has enable me to do what I love. Thank you to SOUTE for catering and for allowing us to work in your beautiful space. Thank you to Kayleigh, your behind the scenes assistance and extra hands on the day make such a difference. I am also so excited to see you grow, thank you for the photos of this weeks workshop! Last but not least, thank you to my James and friends for believing in me.

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