Hermanus Candle making workshop roundup April and May 2022

Our intimate studio workshops are fast becoming one of our favourite ways to spend an afternoon. With the cosy atmosphere and one-on-one experience we are able to delve into specific details that you are interested in.

We have hosted a few workshops at the SML Studio in Hermanus and have loved getting to know our customers a little more through the process. The #SMLcandlemaking workshop covers the basics of candle making with a fundamental focus on hand poured vegan soy wax scented massage candles. It’s a hands on, fun creative session which includes a light lunch and sweet treats – something to be enjoyed with friends, family or colleagues.

Here are a few of our favourite moments from our April & May studio workshops:

In the studio workshops we cover the following:

– An introduction to candle making.
– Different types of candles.
– Methods of candle making.
– The benefits of soy wax.
– Blending essential oils.
– Candle making equipment and care thereof.
– Stockists details.
– How to create a personal brand with a focus on Instagram. (This includes photo editing tools, our favourite apps and tips on how to maximise your engagement.)

We offer 3 versions of our candle making workshop

 1. Small Business Candle Making (This is our OG candle making workshop which is hosted in Cape Town.) 2. Recreational Candle Making (This is an adapted version of our OG workshop, and is hosted in Hermanus.) 3. Our Online Candle Making Course which launched mid 2020. Not designed to replace the physical workshops but rather to support our international audience, so if you are reading this and longing to learn from the comfort of your own home – this is for you.


Written & compiled by Jamanca Feldman.

All images belong to SML unless otherwise stated.

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