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This is a blog series has been one of my faves. Interior design is my passion but what I love most about spaces is that it takes your personal touch to make it home, so join me as we tour the world in search of beautiful homes. If you would like your home to be featured in this series please e-mail me. 


I love social media simply because I “met” some pretty wonderful people all over the world, Traci from 45Wall Design is one of those people. Amazing how worlds apart, with one thing in common you can connect with someone.

The Yau Family opened up their home for us, it’s beautiful! Enjoy…

Where in the world do you live and what is your favorite part about living there?

We live with our seven year old daughter in Sunnyvale, California (about 30 miles south of San Francisco). We’ve lived in a number of different places, but living in the Bay Area is by far our favorite. We love the diversity of the area, the opportunities for our daughter, the amazing food, the amazing weather, the proximity to great metro areas (San Francisco and San Jose).



What do you and your partner do for a living?

My husband is the CEO of a start up and I work there as the Creative Director/Graphic Designer.



What influences have inspired the interior design of your home?

Our home was built in 1958 and is a classic mid-century modern home called an Eichler, designed by architects Anshen and Allen for Joseph Eichler (a developer). When we bought it, it was in need of a complete update (there was asbestos in the floors, the wiring was a fire hazard, the wood paneling was in horrible shape, etc), so we took it down to the studs and basically started over. We love mid-century modern design, and married that with our love of minimalism and Scandinavian design. Our main objective was to figure out how to maximize the light from all the floor to ceiling windows, so we chose lighter materials and basics and brought in the mid century feel through our furnishings.




Describe a typical Saturday in your home:

A typical Saturday in our home? We usually try to sleep in a bit (as much as possible with a kid!). Then our daughter gets cereal and Saturday morning cartoons while my husband and I read and drink coffee. If there are projects to do around the house (painting, cleaning, etc) we’ll tackle those in the afternoon. Our daughter helps with that and also spends time making things. My husband is the cook of the family, so he’ll usually be working in the kitchen. Sometimes we have friends over for dinner…sometimes we play board games with our daughter while we eat.


Thank you for allowing us into your home Traci. 


All photographs by Traci Yau.  

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