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Interior design is my passion but what I love most about spaces is that it takes your personal touch to make it home, so join me as we tour the world in search of beautiful homes around the world. If you would like your home to be featured in this series please e-mail me. 


Nikki is a dear friend and colleague of mine, she is insanely talented and has an amazing eye for detail. We often photograph the new Zana goodies in her Cape Town apartment because the light is so beautiful. If ever you need a delicious dinner party dish to impress Nikki has a passion for food and is the author and creative behind the food blog called Gathered.

Over to Nikki,

Where in the world do you live and what is your favorite part about living there?

We live in Cape Town, South Africa – possibly one of the most gorgeous corners of the world. Everyday feels like a holiday here. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to great coffee, food, wine and pretty much all the things I live for. Life is pretty easy down here.

What do you and your partner do for a living?

I am a food-obsessed graphic designer at Zana Products and my boyfriend, Ross, is a self-employed full-time Origami artist.


What influences have inspired the interior design of your home?

I am such a minimalist and am in love with everything Scandinavian. I’ve recently transformed my tiny apartment space from a dark hole into a bright airy space that has so much more personality. One downside of living in a tiny apartment in the middle of the city is not having a garden to tend to, so I’ve recently bought a little Kumquat tree from a nursery to bring the outdoors in, for us and our cat.

I get bored with the way my space looks very easily and also don’t know much about interior styling so kind of just do what works for me. I’ve tried to create a white, open space with a few accent pieces that can easily change as my tastes do.



Describe a typical Saturday in your home:

We have no set routine on Saturdays, every weekend is different. Sometimes we go to spend time with family in Paarl or Somerset West, up until recently we had a food stand at a local farmers market. The past few weekends have had a bit more structure though! After recuperating from the previous nights dinner party, we’ve been trying to get to the farmers market for coffee and weekly fresh fruit and veg shopping. We always try to spend some time catching up on personal projects and then watching a movie or two (with tons of eating in between it all).


Thank you for allowing us into your home Nikki. 


All photographs by Nikki Albertyn.  

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