Amazing Spaces Studio Part 2

Amazing Spaces is a Cape Town based business dedicated to marketing locations to the Film, Stills, Events and Accommodation industries. Over the last two months I have been working on the re-design of their new studio space. Quite the honour considering the BEAUTIFUL spaces they deal with on a daily basis.

Last week I did a before post, see the before photos here.

The overall look and feel we wanted to achieve was a clean, light space. We did this with a natural colour palate. I relish in the use of pattern and texture, this adds depth to the space and while we went with more of a rustic finish throughout we complimented this with furniture items with contemporary lines.  

Here is my proposal for the space –

Falcon House by Melissa Louise

We loved the metro tiles and exposed jars and because the space had little to no storage space we embraced the open shelf look.

Julia also had her heart set on a barn door… I say no more!

Falcon House by Melissa Louise


Falcon House by Melissa Louise

Falcon House by Melissa Louise

Natural colours with hints of bold print and texture. (All these items wre locally sourced, how cool? I love that SA online retail is on the up!!!)

Falcon House by Melissa Louise

Stay tuned for Wednesdays post with all the AFTER photos… eeeek. <I could pop I’m so excited to share these>

Have a happy Tuesday…



All images sourced online, composition by Melissa Louise. 


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