Last weeks discovered links #9

Happy new week… I cant believe we are just about finished with JUNE. Feels like Christmas was yesterday!

Here is a round up of my fave things discovered this past week,

Last weeks discovered links temp

1. Currently obsessing over these Chelsea Boots.

2. Love this Ombre Hand knotted Woven Wall Hanging.

3. Recently discovered HeyKarm on instagram, her profile is so peaceful! and I love the typography she does.

4. Heres a good read…

5. This Mini Copper Jack table lamp is to die for!


Images listed by various links. 



A dip in the archives- Project De’Lord

So its a rainy Sunday afternoon and I have been in bed ALL day, James is at work, Sullivan is snug next to me and its ME time… I have been busy with admin, freelance work and watching movies. Its been a great day, one that’s good for the soul! While mindlessly scrolling pinterest, as one does, I came across a sweet little quote that read-

” A Sunday well spent brings a week of content…”


So while doing some work, I all of a sudden missed drawing… now a days everything is done on the computer! I missed my varsity days where we were forced to embrace our raw talent… So I thought I would dip into the archives and show you a project I completed in 2010. House De’Lord, was a fun project, a loft redesign with a nautical theme.

LOFT presentation 1 LOFT presentation  2

Goal for this week, Draw more…


All drawings by Melissa Louise. 

my latest obsession- fiddle leaf fig

The best examples of pattern, colour, shape and texture can be found in nature. I am so inspired by nature. My latest obsession is with the fiddle leaf fig tree, its just beautiful.

Fiddle leaf fig by Melissa Louise

I have always loved plants in a home, it can really bring a space to life and the pops of green? Well no other items pulls that off better than a plant or fiddle leaf to be more specific!

What I love most about the fiddle leaf is that it can grow massive, which is not like most indoor plants…

Here are two examples of how a plant can transform a space-

Below: The living room of Bri Emery from Design Love Fest designed by Emily Henderson. This space is vibrant with touches of vintage, the green of the plants compliments beautifully and totally completes the space. 

Fiddle leaf fig by Melissa Louise Fiddle leaf fig by Melissa Louise

Above: Entrance sideboard at my home, designed and styled by me, Melissa. On the other hand you could have a neutral space, the addition of a fiddle leaf creates the colour in the space and picks up the subtle hints of green which can be found in paintings and framed pictures.

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Have a happy Wednesday.

ps: THREE sleeps till my birthday! YAY! (I hope to be showered with more plants for my home. hint hint… )


Photography by Lindi Meyer, Amanda Drost and Design love fest.

Product Crush: Wallflower urban garden & home

I couldn’t decide on one single product in this store… I just love it all. Wallflower urban garden & home is a store based in the Salt River Arcade building in Salt River, number 376 Albert Road. Our studio is based in the same building and I cant resist popping into wallflower every now and again.

Below are a few photographs around their store.

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

The lanterns must be my favourite items in store. 

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

How cute is that lassie dog succulent. He may feature in our studio shoot this weekend. 

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Visit them in store to see beautiful and new products.


All photographs by Melissa Louise


Trending now: Fruit in design – fruit applied products

Fruit in DesignOne of my favourite international trends this past season has been fruit patterns in both clothing and home design. Its about to hit South Africa (because yes we are behind by at least one season…) Fruit isn’t just found in bowls any more! The bright colours and pattern are the perfect inspiration and more now than ever designers are taking inspiration from their surroundings and producing iconic graphics and products.

Today we explore the use of fruit in design, from pattern and art work to products and DIY fun.

Here are a few ideas on how to introduce your favourite fruit into your interior. Over on Zana Products Iv done a feature on how fruit has been adapted in print, pattern and textiles. See it here.

Below are three way to introduce fruit applied products into your interior.

Now Trending: Fruit by Melissa Louise

1. Apple and Pear artwork. 

2. Cotton pear print pillow and duvet set.

3. Stylized fruit wall decal- Fruit take-away bar.

Fruit applied products:

Now Trending: Fruit by Melissa Louise

1. Blimey O Riley Pear Plate.

2. Pomegranate Pattern cushion by Georgiana Paraschiv.

3. The house that lars built, Fruit welcome mat DIY.

4. Banana Fruit Tidy

If you cant get your hands on any of these items a classic way of introducing fruit into your space would be to create and style a edible still life setting on a surface or shelf in your kitchen or dining room. This is a literal interpretation of the concept of fruit in design.

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 Images: Referenced as listed.