A dip in the archives- Project De’Lord

So its a rainy Sunday afternoon and I have been in bed ALL day, James is at work, Sullivan is snug next to me and its ME time… I have been busy with admin, freelance work and watching movies. Its been a great day, one that’s good for the soul! While mindlessly scrolling pinterest, as one does, I came across a sweet little quote that read-

” A Sunday well spent brings a week of content…”


So while doing some work, I all of a sudden missed drawing… now a days everything is done on the computer! I missed my varsity days where we were forced to embrace our raw talent… So I thought I would dip into the archives and show you a project I completed in 2010. House De’Lord, was a fun project, a loft redesign with a nautical theme.

LOFT presentation 1 LOFT presentation  2

Goal for this week, Draw more…


All drawings by Melissa Louise. 

Product Crush- KNØT, macrame plant hangers

Totally in love with this new brand on the block. I haven’t done a product crush post in a long while… but these have caught my attention! See my last fave product crush here.

KNØT offers custom designed macrame plant hangers available in a variety of colours and sizes. As you know I am all about hanging plants… but the KNØT plant hangers are something special, I love the detail and creative use of material. I particularly love the yellow one… Its new and not available on their on line store yet, but you can order them on facebook. YAY!



KNØT is based in JHB and they offer FREE shipping nationwide… HOW AWESOME!

I am totally in love with these hand crafted items, if you want to keep updated on what they do next, follow them on tiwtter- @Knot_ZA


All photographs from KNØT facebook page/Hello Pretty online store.

Etsy Roundup – Sun kissed lemon, nude and moss green


Like I said last time I did an etsy roundup the round ups this year have a new look and feel which I’m totally excited about! I’m still selecting a few of my favourite Etsy finds, but keeping them in the theme of colour combinations… Today I’m all about sun kissed lemon, nude and moss green

Etsy roundup template_resized


Have a wonderful weekend.


Images: by various, listed as numbered. 

Etsy Roundup – Pastels and gold

Last week I discovered an inspiring small business interview with Yvonne Ellen on Etsy. I absolutely love the concept of her store and the way she adapts and re-uses precious bone china sourced at markets around England giving them new life. See more of my last weeks discovered links here.

Etsy Roundup -Pastels and gold by Melissa Louise


Sooo, there was no doubt that this weeks Etsy round up had to be based around this drunken little tea cup (no.3 above)… I also just love the pastels and matalic colour combo.

Ps: Still loving my new Etsy round up format? I am… See older ones here, here and here.


Images: by various, listed as numbered. 

Etsy Roundup – Black, white and taupe

Today’s Etsy round up is a goodie, a classic colour combo.

I love how the natural hue of taupe softens the contrast of the black and white. The taupe colour can be found in so many different materials namely leather, timber, paper, natural linens… The list goes on.

Etsy Roundup - Black, white and taupe


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The new Etsy roundups are a more refined selection of items you could incorporate into your home, an event or accessorize with.

Ps: I managed 3 blog posts this week, BOOM! I’m back into my routine. :)


Images: by various, listed as numbered.