Last weeks discovered links #15 – with a fresh new look

Lately I have been so overwhelmed by the abundance of beautiful and creative things all over the internet.

Side note: I am constantly fighting an inward battle about posting regurgitated content regularly on my blog VS my own original content less frequently…. I want to contribute to the beautiful things out there and be proud that I came up with that and shared my photos with the world. However I find that if you “want to make it” in the blogging sphere you have to get them stats up and the only way that can be done is through consistency. I am no robot and simply cannot post every day, so what is one to do? 

I have had great reviews about this series and so I will continue to do them… Here is what I have discovered (and loved) on the internet lately,

Last weeks links with Melissa Louise

1 || 27 beautiful infographics that teach you how to cook, well, kinda!

2 || I am so in love with this DIY hanging flower installation, future Melissa needs this on her wedding day.

3 || I am obsessed with peg board at the moment, here are 5 ways to use it in your home.

4 || Two foodie apps I have recently downloaded, Zomato and Marions Kitchen app. You NEED them too…

5 || How beautiful is this home tour of Whitney Port’s Bohemian Venice Loft?


Images listed by various links. 

Love Milo launches a new range and man I am excited

I have always crushed on Love Milo , their designs are simply elegant and I absoultley love the cross use of materials and textures. Excitingly , last week Nikki and I attended the launch of Love Milo’s botanical range at Nap Living in Cape Quarter.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

 My dear friend Nikki & I.

Nap is TO.DIE.FOR ! It was my first time there and I cannot believe what I have been missing out on… They stock a beautiful array of products from linen and glassware to furniture and so much more. Everything has a natural aethetic and this couldnt have been a better setting for the launch of Love Milo’s botanical range.

All Love Milo designs are created using photography, none are computer generated, this allows the final product to reflect the graphic lines and forms found in nature while also maintaining the slight imperfections of our environment.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise


 “It is this natural diversity within african environment that is the inspiration behind all our products. ” – Nicki, founder and owner of Love Milo.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Most of Love Milo’s designs are monochrome and while this is my favourite I do like the hint of colour in the new botany range. Visit the Love Milo’s website here, they also have an online store – how convenient!

Like them on Facebook or instagram to keep up with new and fun projects Nicki is busy on… Want to know more about Nap Living? Visit their website here.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

I am obsessed with the Tribal stripe cushion and I am totally considering using it in my bedroom makeover that I am busy with… 

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Thank you to Nap for hosting us and for supplying the delicious treats and to Love Milo for a wonderful evening and our little keep sakes.


 All images by Melissa Louise, cover image by Love Milo. 

Amazing Spaces Studio Part 2

Amazing Spaces is a Cape Town based business dedicated to marketing locations to the Film, Stills, Events and Accommodation industries. Over the last two months I have been working on the re-design of their new studio space. Quite the honour considering the BEAUTIFUL spaces they deal with on a daily basis.

Last week I did a before post, see the before photos here.

The overall look and feel we wanted to achieve was a clean, light space. We did this with a natural colour palate. I relish in the use of pattern and texture, this adds depth to the space and while we went with more of a rustic finish throughout we complimented this with furniture items with contemporary lines.  

Here is my proposal for the space -

Falcon House by Melissa Louise

We loved the metro tiles and exposed jars and because the space had little to no storage space we embraced the open shelf look.

Julia also had her heart set on a barn door… I say no more!

Falcon House by Melissa Louise


Falcon House by Melissa Louise

Falcon House by Melissa Louise

Natural colours with hints of bold print and texture. (All these items wre locally sourced, how cool? I love that SA online retail is on the up!!!)

Falcon House by Melissa Louise

Stay tuned for Wednesdays post with all the AFTER photos… eeeek. <I could pop I’m so excited to share these>

Have a happy Tuesday…



All images sourced online, composition by Melissa Louise. 


Amazing Spaces Studio Part 1

I have been very busy with this project over the last two months and finally I am very excited to share it with you… To start, here are a few before photos. Next week I will show you my proposal for the space and then <drum roll please> the after photos.

I was approached by Julia from Amazing spaces to work on her new studio office space in Wynberg, Cape Town.

Who are Amazing Spaces?

“Amazing Spaces is dedicated to marketing locations to the Film, Stills, Events and Accommodation industries. Since our inception in 1999, it has been our driving passion to create a diverse portfolio of truly outstanding locations incorporating a diverse set of architectural styles, situations, elements and features. In 2004 we expanded our portfolio to include top-class accommodation featuring many of Southern Africa’s and Mallorca’s premier private establishments.” – Amazing Spaces

This loft space has so much potential! Lots of wide open space and beautiful “bones”… Julia also had such a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve in this space, that made it such a pleasure to work with her. See my client board on Pinterest here .

The most challenging part of this job was re-doing the electrical layout, it always is with such old buildings… but all it really needed was great spacial planning, dry walling and a splash of white paint!

Here is the studio space before-

Falcon House by Melissa Louise Falcon House by Melissa Louise Falcon House by Melissa Louise

If you need some design advice for your space tweet me – @missnunnerley , Id love to answer any questions you may have.



All photographs by Amazing Spaces. 

A dip in the archives- Project De’Lord

So its a rainy Sunday afternoon and I have been in bed ALL day, James is at work, Sullivan is snug next to me and its ME time… I have been busy with admin, freelance work and watching movies. Its been a great day, one that’s good for the soul! While mindlessly scrolling pinterest, as one does, I came across a sweet little quote that read-

” A Sunday well spent brings a week of content…”


So while doing some work, I all of a sudden missed drawing… now a days everything is done on the computer! I missed my varsity days where we were forced to embrace our raw talent… So I thought I would dip into the archives and show you a project I completed in 2010. House De’Lord, was a fun project, a loft redesign with a nautical theme.

LOFT presentation 1 LOFT presentation  2

Goal for this week, Draw more…


All drawings by Melissa Louise.