“What’s on my night-stand” with Robin Reetz

Next up and last of this series…. “What’s on my night-stand” with Robin Reetz.

portraitAbout Robin,

Robin is a writer, blogger over at Second Floor Flat and lover of travel.

Originally from New York, Robin now lives in London with her husband. She has a passion for writing, jewellery design (which casually sold in Anthropology- GASP!) and runs her personal lifestyle blog on the side.


1 || What is currently on your night-stand? 

Eucalyptus, an Academy bangle my husband got me for Christmas, my two most recent reads, a delicious Tatine candle, some pine cones I grabbed from the ground on a special holiday, and a random, old matchbook. Some good friends got married last year and ordered a bunch of vintage matchbooks off of eBay as part of a DIY wedding project. We took some of the more random ones, and they’re scattered throughout our flat.

2 || Where was your night-stand purchased? 

Here’s the thing with my nightstand: My husband I purchased this a couple of years ago from a cheap, mass market furniture store in London. We always knew we’d only be in London for a short period of time, so buying something more costly didn’t really make sense. It’s done the job just fine, but for me next nightstand I’d rather have something similar to this, this ,or better yet, a handmade piece or a family heirloom.

bedside tbl

3 || What is your before bed routine?

I’m big on moisturizing, so I always use moisturizer on my hands and feet – usually Lucas Papaw Ointment. I’ll read for a bit, check out Instagram (I know, it’s a terrible habit) then grab my eyeshade and hit the hay!


Thank you so much for taking part Robin!

Photos by Robin. 


“What’s on my night-stand” with Sarah-Jane

This blog series is a fun way of getting to know a few of my favourite bloggers, last week we saw what Emma-Jane had on her night-stand and today we meet Sarah-Jane,

portraitAbout Sarah-Jane,

Sarah-Jane is a fun loving teacher based in Cape Town. With her Zimbabwean roots and “gypsy” soul, Sarah is always out to find adventure.

Her blog, Sarahndipity, is an extension of her personality. A place where she can write about the things she loves.

1 || What is currently on your night-stand? 

A heart shaped jewellery plate – given to me by one of ‘my girls’ from St Cyprians. It keeps all my treasures safe
George my beloved wood carved giraffe from Zimbabwe.
A lamp for reading.
An African shaped, soap stone jewellery box all the way from Kariba Zimbabwe – given to me by my lovely fiancé, filled with a multitude of trinkets.

2 || Where was your night-stand purchased? 

I bought it at Coricraft but it’s no longer online see a similar one here.

bedside tbl

3 || What is your before bed routine?

I brush my teeth and clean my face – I like to feel fresh before bed 😉
Then ALL the anti-aging creams! Nah, jokes, I use one simple night cream and zambuck for my lips (gotta keep those puppies lush)
I then climb into bed, plump up my pillow, and begin to read one of the 5 books I have sitting on my nightstand. I read for about 45 minutes, depending on the book, and then close up, check my alarm is set for the morning, turn off the light, and off to the land of nod I go.


Thank you so much for taking part Sarah, you make me giggle. 

Photos by Sarah-Jane. 

“What’s on my night-stand” with Emma-Jane Harbour

This blog series is a fun way of getting to know a few of my favourite bloggers, Emma-Jane is first up and one of three in this series. I interviewed Em to find out “What’s on my night-stand” –


A little more about Emma-Jane,

Emma, now based in Cape Town, runs a lifestyle and fashion blog called Emmajanenation which contains everything that makes her heart beat.

Her and her husband are also the talented photographer duo that run Lad & Lass where they get to travel the world documenting people’s love.

1 || What is currently on your night-stand? 

Skoon Vanilla & Blood Orange Body Oil, a Country Road frame with a polaroid of a little flower stand in Barcelona to constantly inspire wanderlust and my phone which is my library (I read most books on my phone and it also functions as a notebook for quick lists and ideas.)

2 || Where was your night-stand purchased? 

Retro pedestal white – @HOME

bedside tbl

3 || What is your before bed routine?

After washing my face, removing my make up, brushing my teeth and flossing and I’m usually exhausted and flop into the sea of duvet.

A before bed treat is to use my Skoon body oil all over my body. The scent is delicious and makes going to bed feel like a luxurious treat.

Before I turn off the lights I set my alarm and make sure i’m ready for whatever the new day brings.

If I manage to get into bed early I will read a bit and make lists (and probably check instagram in between).


Thank you so much for taking part Em. 

Photos by Emma-Jane. 

Last weeks discovered links #15 – with a fresh new look

Lately I have been so overwhelmed by the abundance of beautiful and creative things all over the internet.

Side note: I am constantly fighting an inward battle about posting regurgitated content regularly on my blog VS my own original content less frequently…. I want to contribute to the beautiful things out there and be proud that I came up with that and shared my photos with the world. However I find that if you “want to make it” in the blogging sphere you have to get them stats up and the only way that can be done is through consistency. I am no robot and simply cannot post every day, so what is one to do? 

I have had great reviews about this series and so I will continue to do them… Here is what I have discovered (and loved) on the internet lately,

Last weeks links with Melissa Louise

1 || 27 beautiful infographics that teach you how to cook, well, kinda!

2 || I am so in love with this DIY hanging flower installation, future Melissa needs this on her wedding day.

3 || I am obsessed with peg board at the moment, here are 5 ways to use it in your home.

4 || Two foodie apps I have recently downloaded, Zomato and Marions Kitchen app. You NEED them too…

5 || How beautiful is this home tour of Whitney Port’s Bohemian Venice Loft?


Images listed by various links.