New Day, New You

Iv had such a wonderful holiday break. I LOVE Christmas time, from the decor to food, presents (and man I love presents) , time with Family and friends and the time we have to recharge, reflect and bake during the day. Holidays are just the best.

Christmas by Melissa Louise

Only a few of my fav pressies. I totally got the FEAT socks I had on my wish list.

So as I prepare to go back to work and the joy of Christmas and time with family comes to an end so settles in the high expectations of a new year… I’ve always chased the future and I’m finally living the life I’ve dreamed of as a little girl. But this whole new years resolution thing is such a foney idea to me. Yes yes, new year new start, I get it but I don’t think we have to wait for the dawn of a new year to change things up a little, ‘start again’ or turn over a new leaf.

There is no time like the now, waiting for a new year may be too late… So I’m all for New Year Day, New You!

Don’t get me wrong I definitely have goals. Long term, short term and today goals too. So I’ve decided to add my Bucket List to the meet Melissa section of my blog. Things I’ve wanted for a long time, and some things I’m proud to have already achieved. This will be a reminder and will coach me to sticking to these goals, as we all know how hard it can be.

I’m excited for the future. Happy 2014.


Images by Melissa Louise.

Mr Price Home is now online- YAY

How excitingly dangerous is this? Mr Price Home is a local home store that offers on trend (sometimes) home-ware items for affordable prices. Im a huge fan of dressing up inexpensive Mr p pieces along with other items in my home.

MR P ONLINE by Melissa Louise

Shop for this look here,






All photos via MR Price Home

Product Crush: Wallflower urban garden & home

I couldn’t decide on one single product in this store… I just love it all. Wallflower urban garden & home is a store based in the Salt River Arcade building in Salt River, number 376 Albert Road. Our studio is based in the same building and I cant resist popping into wallflower every now and again.

Below are a few photographs around their store.

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

The lanterns must be my favourite items in store. 

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

How cute is that lassie dog succulent. He may feature in our studio shoot this weekend. 

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Wallflower feature by Melissa Louise

Visit them in store to see beautiful and new products.


All photographs by Melissa Louise


Guest Post: Kitchen Makeover

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise


Today’s guest post is featuring the home of Nikki & Nicholas from They are new home owners and towards the end of last year Nikki had the exciting opportunity of partnering up with Plascon for their very first home DIY paint job. I gave them some advice on a preconceived idea they had for their kitchen…it turned out just stunning!

Since then their home has been transformed as they prepared for the arrival of baby Jordan.

One Sunday they headed out to Builders Warehouse and bought all the stuff they needed: turps, brushes, rollers, rolling pans and so on. You get awesome little ‘painters packs’ there for about R60, which include nearly everything you need.

They started off by masking off the area first. This is a boring process but is so worth the end result, it makes life a lot easier, and neater.

“The ‘prepping’ by far takes the longest.” – Nikki

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

Banjoe wanting to get involved. He ended up with a spare paint brush to chew on. Lucky pup.

The colour used for the stripes is Crazy Daisy (Y4-A1-1) by Plascon. It’s such a vibrant and happy colour.

They then moved over to what would be the show stopper in this room, Nikki has always wanted a chalk board wall in her home. Its so much fun, and Nic being an animator his illustrations on this wall bring a quirky personal touch to the room.

Nikki and I sat one evening debating which wall to attack with chalkboard paint. The selected wall would allow for the drama and contrast they were after.

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

Nic and Nikki painting.


Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise


Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

 “It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own house, literally JUST to do stuff like this. I’m so thankful.” -Nikki

I really love the outcome. The yellow stripes are just my favourite. What do you think? See the following posts on Nikkis blog to see how they have made use of the chalkboard wall:

Our BIG news.

HAPPY EASTER to all our friends, family & followers.

It’s a BOY!

If you, like Nikki, just need a One hour design consultation, get in contact with me.

Thank you Nikki, my special friend, for allowing us into your home.


 Images: by Nikki Smal

Product Crush: Ball & Claw Oak Board

This morning The Pretty Blog introduced me to Little Honeypot, a beautifully sweet online store based in Johannesburg, South Africa. They sell luxury, hand picked, quality and rare products that are made with creative flair.
One of my absolute favourite finds in their store is this Ball & Claw Oak Board. Not only am I obsessed with the ball and claw feature on any furniture item, this one in particular is just classically beautiful and such an innovative idea.
Product Crush- by Melissa Louise

This design is perfect as a table centerpiece, a cheese platter server or a general cutting board.

Product Crush- by Melissa Louise
The Ball & Claw feet are made from stoneware and the top solid Oak, which is treated with food safe mineral oil. Care for your board by treating it with mineral oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil. This product is proudly made in South Africa and is retailing for R998.00. (+- $98.36) Overall dimensions: 39cm (l) x 28cm (w) x 10cm (h).
Product Crush- by Melissa Louise
Exciting for my international readers….They also ship internationally. Find the Little Honeypot on facebook and twitter to find out more and to keep up to date with the new and beautiful products they will be launching.

 Images: Courtesy of Little honeypot.