DIY Kitty Castle

I am totally in love with this DIY colab by Astrid of SP4NK blog and Baba Souk ! A little while back I added it to my last weeks links post and threatened to make Sullivan one… Baba Souk saw that tweet and challenged me to it, and oh man I am glad they did. Sullivan LOVES it and it adds abit of quirky fun to our lounge space!

I teamed up with Zana and just love how it turned out…

Here’s what you will need:

1 || Cardboard boxes

2 || A Zana scrap pack

3 || Duct Tape

4 || Hem Tape

5 || A black marker

6 || Craft knife

7 || Timber Dowl

This is just a basic idea of how to assemble your very own Kitty Castle, but the creative direction is totally up to you. Give it a go and tag me on twitter or Instagram, I would love to see your creations- @melissalouisen

Let’s get started-


Using your Zana scrap pack prepare your flag. I used card to stabilise it, and tied it to the stick with gold ribbon.

kitty3Using more of your scrap pack create bunting. Use the hem tape to “glue” the two sides together.




Mark and cut where you want your openings to appear. Sullivan is so curious, he was involved in the entire process… 


I outlined the edges of the openings with black marker to make them more of a feature.


 and there you have it!

Sullivan loves it so much, he plays in it by sticking his paws out the bottom holes and I have lined the inside with his blanket, he likes to takes long snoozes in his castle. 


Design and assembly by me. Photos by Robyn @ Zana , Editing and compilation by Nikki @ Zana.

A beautiful floral crown tutorial

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

I had SO much fun making and putting together today’s tutorial.. My high school bestie friend is getting married this year (OMG, how and when did we get so old grown up?) and so, to get the planning started I hosted a “wedding planning party”at my home. We ate too much, spoke alot and set a few very exciting dates. I’m very excited to be her maid of honour and thats exactly how planning parties should be!

I’ll elaborate more about the party soon, and share a few tips on how you can host your own, but I thought Id kick start this series with this beautiful floral crown I made for the bride to be feel special for the day…

This tutorial is fairly simple, so follow the photos and I’ll drop one or two notes in where I think necessary. When attempting your own, tweet me for more advice – @MissNunnerley

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

What you will need: Flowers of your choice, masking tape, a section of hose pipe and scissors.

NOTE below: Tape the two ends of the hose together, I used a small piece of news paper stuffed inside the hose to prevent it from pulling apart.

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

NOTE above and below: Then tape your flowers around the hose, I did a base or all white and green with hints of yellow and then added pops of colour.

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

Nikita, my bestie and bride to be. 

I simply love how it turned out. YAY!


All photogrphs by Melissa Louise


DIY Christmas Napkin

The Christmas countdown has begun and things are feeling lovely and festive around here… Last weekend I did this really fun DIY that I’ve been wanting to do for sometime. It is so simple but looks so stunning (If I do say so myself). I love the colour gold and I’m thinking that this year I might decorate our table setting with my custom do it yourself napkins.

DIY Christmas napkin01_resized

What you will need:

– 4 Standard white napkins

– Masking tape

– Gold spray paint (or whichever colour you have themed your table setting)

– Zana Christmas gift tags

STEP ONE: Lay out your napkin.

DIY Christmas napkin02_resized

STEP TWO: Decide on a pattern and mask off what you don’t want to be sprayed. I went with irregular stripes. I imagine polka dots to be pretty too but alot more time consuming. If you do decide to do polka dots I would recommend a stencil.

DIY Christmas napkin03_resized

STEP THREE: Spray in a well ventilated area. Do two coats, I found the fabric absorbed alot of the first coat.

DIY Christmas napkin04_resized

STEP FOUR: Once dry, remove the tape.I have only spray painted one side of the napkin as to allow you to still wipe your mouth on the reverse side. The spray painted side is purely decorative.

DIY Christmas napkin07_resized

AND YOU’RE DONE! What you think? For other fun ways to make use of the Zana gift tags have a look here. Its been one of my best buys this Christmas, endless options…

Buy them in ZAR here & in USD here.

DIY Christmas napkin08_resized DIY Christmas napkin09_resized

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All photos by Melissa Louise

Etsy roundup: Nature inspired products

Etsy round up nature by Melissa Louise

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 . 13 . 14 . 15 . 16

IT’S FRIDAY and time for the good ol’ Etsy round up. I really enjoy doing these. Etsy has so much to offer, its an amazing online community of beautiful things.

I’m so inspired by nature and what surrounds me. Lately I’ve forced myself to S.L.O.W down and enjoy the small things. There is so much detail in our environment, the way the sun rays hit my desk or the repetition of bricks along the path.

Take a moment to look around and notice.


 Images: by various, listed as numbered. 

DIY Atlas Gift Book

DIY book cover by Melissa Louise

This is a really quick, easy and inexpensive DIY gift idea for someone special, I’ve in fact used it twice to date and it has been a hit both times. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I created a birthday card using a page out of the same encyclopedia. There are so many things that can be done… Below is a step by step guide to create your very own Atlas Gift Book.

What you will need:

  • Outdated encyclopedia/map book. (or one you’re okay with tearing up) I picked this one up for R15.00 (+- $1.52) on one of my thrifting adventures.
  • A5 Soft cover or hard cover exercise/note book. These were R6.00 each. (+- $0.61)
  • Sellotape, which I already had.
  • Scissors.

DIY book cover by Melissa Louise

Step One:

Get your materials ready. Select the maps you would like to use and tear them out of the book. The amount of pages you will require does depend on what size books you will be covering. A5 is my preferred size so my book to page ratios worked out nicely, I didn’t have to use the scissors much- only to neaten up the edges.

DIY book cover by Melissa Louise

Get your materials ready.

Step two:

Lay out the two pages. Without cutting away too much paper, neaten the edges, then position it in such a way as to overlap the ragged edge with the straight cut edge. Use the sellotape to join the two pages giving you a nice big piece to now cover your book with.

DIY book cover by Melissa Louise

Work on a large floor or desk area, as to be able to layout your paper and neaten the edges.

Step three:

Position your book in the center of the piece of paper. The overlapped side facing up, as once covered you want the neat edge to be on the spine of your book. Also make sure your paper is the right way up, you don’t want an upside down covered book…

DIY book cover by Melissa

Work on a large floor or desk area, as to be able to layout your paper.

Step four:

This is where my many years of covering my school books comes in handy… Thanks Dad for forcing me to do it! Fold the bottom/top of the paper up/down and under the pages. (This method will vary should you have chosen to go with a hard cover book.) Refer to the below photographs for guidance.

DIY book cover by Melissa Louise

Start folding.

Step five:

Keep folding… Now fold the corners downwards and the left side inwards. Refer to the image below for guidance and repeat this on the back of the book. Use sellotape to secure the folded edges to the covers.

DIY book cover by Melissa Louise

Keep folding.

Step six:

I gave the books a personal touch by writing a little message in them, do this if you’d like… and you’re finished. I also paired the book with a simple pen to complete the gift.

DIY book cover by Melissa Louise

Personal touch.


Images: All by Melissa Louise