Doll up your succulent – DIY

When I am not busy over “here”, I am busy over “there”. As some of you may know I am the Interior and all round designer at Zana, I also contribute to their blog… Things have been amazingly busy for us, and I have never been happier with what I am doing!

For valentines day this year I did a super cute little DIY over at Zana, truth is this DIY can be a gift for someone special any time of the year or just a little something to spruce up your desk at work!

DIY - Melissa Louise

What you will need:

- A small succulent or plant. Keep it small enough for your loved one to keep on his/her desk at work.

- Off cuts of fabric. If you dont have or know where to get this you could use fabric from our scrap packs, purchase them here.

- String

- An elastic band

- A ruler

- And a pair of scissors

Step 1. Measure your pot, remember to leave an extra piece for the fold over at the top.

Step 2. Cut your fabric to size. You could also use pinking shears if you have them, this would avoid the fabric from fraying.

DIY - Melissa Louise

Step 3. Fold and flatten the fabric, we allowed for a +- 1cm fold over. This may vary depending on the size of your pot, try keep it in proportion.

DIY - Melissa Louise

Step 4. Wrap your piece of fabric around the pot. If you are doing this alone, use a piece of sticky tape or press stick to secure the fabric to the pot until you have got the elastic band around the base of the pot.

DIY - Melissa Louise

Step 5. Secure the fabric to the pot with an elastic band, the elastic band will also help keep the fabric wrapped around the pot. This is a no sew DIY so the elastic band is essential.

DIY - Melissa Louise

Step 6. Add the string for decoration. This finishes it off nicely.

DIY - Melissa Louise

DIY - Melissa Louise

 Happy mid week! 


Photographs by Robyn Britz @ Zana, Edits by me. 


Last weeks discovered links #7

This past week has been so much fun for us Zana girls, we attended the Kamers Vol Geskenke showcase in JHB, read about it here. We had such a good time, and it was so lovely to meet some of my readers in person… So now that we are back and rested I can get back into the swing of things, starting with Last weeks discovered links.

Since I started this Monday feature I have got nothing but great reviews, just last week Le’Chelle from Taylor Made Blog included me in her top ten local blogger round up because of this last weeks discovered links series. YAY! Thank you to Le’ Chelle and all my other readers.

Here we go last weeks discovered links #7, and just because I have been away for so long, I have included more then just my top 5 discovered links…

Last weeks discovered links #7

1. How incredible is this Deserted wallpaper by Room Thirteen?

2. MR&MRS, one of my favourite stores at Kamers JHB 2014. I bought my beautiful rose quartz ring there…

3. Some great tips to market your blog using Pinterest found here.

4.  I just love it when design aesthetic and practically comes together- hi5 Hoi P’loy

5. Embroidered spot knit with free delivery by Trenery at Woolies

6. DIY pin board

7. Love the pops of colour in this 70′s style home in France

8. Day dreaming about travels to Phuket,Thailand

9. Must have these porcelain platters

10. How to style your mantle by Emily Henderson.



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Last weeks discovered links #6

Good morning Monday. So many exciting things happening at work this week, for those of you who don’t know I‘m the interior design and creative at Zana. We are LAUNCHING our new range on April first, keep an eye on our online store to see our new goodies. There are sooo many must haves!

Last week was a little hectic rushing to meet our launch deadline, so things were a little quite in the interweb world for me, but here are some of the things I discovered while winding down…

Last weeks discovered links #6

1. How to style a messy braid… here is wishing I could get it to look as good!

2. Totally in love with this DIY I did over on Zana’s blog. I’m going candle crazy atm.

3. When you have a small space, flat pack is your BFF! Love this Andreas Kowalewski  wedge table design, functionality meets design aesthetic.

4. PINTEREST. Where I discover many beautiful things, follow me there too…

5. Easy to make studio/office desk.

Have a wonderful week.


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A beautiful floral crown tutorial

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

I had SO much fun making and putting together today’s tutorial.. My high school bestie friend is getting married this year (OMG, how and when did we get so old grown up?) and so, to get the planning started I hosted a “wedding planning party”at my home. We ate too much, spoke alot and set a few very exciting dates. I’m very excited to be her maid of honour and thats exactly how planning parties should be!

I’ll elaborate more about the party soon, and share a few tips on how you can host your own, but I thought Id kick start this series with this beautiful floral crown I made for the bride to be feel special for the day…

This tutorial is fairly simple, so follow the photos and I’ll drop one or two notes in where I think necessary. When attempting your own, tweet me for more advice – @MissNunnerley

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

What you will need: Flowers of your choice, masking tape, a section of hose pipe and scissors.

NOTE below: Tape the two ends of the hose together, I used a small piece of news paper stuffed inside the hose to prevent it from pulling apart.

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

NOTE above and below: Then tape your flowers around the hose, I did a base or all white and green with hints of yellow and then added pops of colour.

A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise A beautiful floral crown tutorial by Melissa Louise

Nikita, my bestie and bride to be. 

I simply love how it turned out. YAY!


All photogrphs by Melissa Louise


Last weeks discovered links #2

I’ve started this new Monday morning series to ease you into your day. Last weeks discovered links is inspired by the wonderful things I discover all over the internet. See last weeks post here.

Last weeks discovered links by Melissa Louise

1. My absolute fave drink done two ways. I tried both his weekend, SO YUM!

2. I love this home tour, what an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage.

3. Such a simple but effective DIY, love how simply this table can be built by YOU!

4. Obsessed with bone china like me?  Here’s an inspiring small business interview with Yvonne Ellen, I love the concept of her store.

5. I’m excited for winter and need this Pac-a-mac jacket in my life…


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