The only shades of grey I’m lusting over

50 Shades of Grey has taken the world by storm, with so many opinions out there, good storm or bad storm I will let you decide…. but these are the only shades of grey I’m lusting over!

50 shades of grey by melissa Louise

one || Slouchy T  – MRP

two || Sweet Almond & Macaroon Home Candle – Jo Malone

three || Straw Ribbon Panama Hat – Woolworths

four || Sabina Ankle Boot – Country Road

five || Black Spec Coin Purse – Zana



Journey to scoop mountain – The Creamery Giveaway with Melissa Louise

So last week I hinted that The creamery and I were up to something…


Win with Melissa Louise and The Creamery

I have been a huge fan of The Creamery for the longest time, they make simply delicious ice cream using amazing locally sourced ingredients. They are becoming a fast favourite in Cape Town which has helped them expand…

The newest addition to The Creamery family is the Salt River Cafe, baby sister to the much loved Newlands Cafe. It is a beautifully designed space with double volume ceilings, metro tiles and an expanded seating area. They serve a similar menu to the Newlands cafe- scoops, pints, coffee, milkshakes, sundaes and waffles to name a few…. What I love most about the design of the Salt river cafe is that there is a HUGE window next to the seating area where you can watch the ice cream coming straight out of the churn… How cool? 

Win with Melissa Louise and The Creamery

Make sure you pop in to the Salt River cafe sooon for their delicious ice cream-

Unit G2, PALS Building,
97 Durham Avenue, Salt River

Mon-Thurs 12.00-18.00
Fri 12:00-23:00
Sat 10.00-23.00

If you are anywhere else and neeeeed Creamery ice cream, which happens often, you can check out the other spots on where you can find them in and around Cape Town.

In other exciting news The Creamery has just launched their LOYALTY CARDS!!! YAY.

Win with Melissa Louise and The Creamery
They are beautifully illustrated cards that describe your journey to “scoop mountain”. Isn’t that a fun concept? How it works is simple – “10 ice cream orders = 1 scoop on The Creamery”…. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to eat 10 ice creams – well now you have one! :)

Now for the giveaway… Tell 2 of your besties about the new loyalty cards The Creamery have just launched and you could win yourself a voucher to the value of 1 pint of ice cream (flavour of your choice). 

How yummy does that sound? All you have to do to enter is the following:

1. Follow Melissa Louise on Twitter.

2. Share this on twitter and tag in 2 of your besties – “. now have loyalty cards. Share & win with , enter here: “

3. Comment on this post below to tell me where you have shared.


Happy entering x

*Giveaway closes on 5 February 2015 and winner will be announced 7 February 2015. If you do not have twitter unfortunately you are out of the running. Giveaway open to Cape Town residents only. Voucher value of R70.00. Voucher is not transferable for cash.*

Gel candle DIY

This is a post that I have been working on for a little while… I have been prototyping and testing what lasts in gel! I wanted to do something completely different with gel wax, change your mind about it kinda stuff… Needless to say I now have a greater understanding of how difficult gel wax is to work with and why majority of gel candles we see are filled with beach sand and shells or orange peels and cinnamon sticks!

Working with normal wax was so much easier and I had so much more fun doing this DIY over on Zana’s blog!

Well here goes,

Gel Candle DIY by Melissa Louise

What you will need-

1 || Gel candlemaking kit from Candle Deli. Contnts: 500g gel, 2m wick, sustainers and 5 wooden cut-outs (I chose not to use these). 

2 || A glass jar/vase.

3 || A skewer

4 || A pot/something to melt your gel wax down in, preferably something with a spout for easy pouring.

5 || Your decorative element, in my case the gold stickers.

Step one – Stick your gold stickers back to back, this will give you a gold disk, ready to drop into your wax…

Gel Candle DIY by Melissa Louise

Step two – Thread your wick through your sustainer and tie a little knot on the end.

Gel Candle DIY by Melissa Louise

Step three – Secure the wick and sustainer to the bottom of the jar, you may use a little bit of presstick for this. Make sure there is a little tension on the wick, it should not be limp as shown below…

Gel Candle DIY by Melissa LouiseStep four – Melt your gel in a pot or iron kettle, the kettle is recommended as it has a spout and make easy for pouring. I worked with what I had and managed just fine with a pot. Do not spill the wax, not only does it make a mess, its VERY hot and will burn you. I found the gel wax made alot of smoke when heating, not sure if this was because it was too hot?

Gel Candle DIY by Melissa Louise

This is when the DIY started going pear shaped…. the house filled with smoke, we coughed and poured the hot gel wax into the glass vase…. at first it was fine, then the stickers started to “boil” / “foam up”…. It looked pretty with the gold discs floating in the gel mixture…. and then they sunk! Then after letting it settle the clear gel turned yellow (obviously from the gold discs) and it started to look abit like someone took a wee in my vase… (puts head in hands and giggles)

Gel Candle DIY by Melissa Louise Gel Candle DIY by Melissa Louise

It’s not often that when I do a DIY that doesn’t end up looking lovely … but this is one of them and while editing these photos and enjoying the candle light from my very first gel candle, I have warmed up to it… Although its not what I imagined it to be in the end it’s not so bad…

Thank you to my bestie, Nikita, for your help on this DIY.

If you find this photo tutorial difficult to follow, try watching Angeliques youtube video tutorial. A big thank you to Candle Makers Deli for the tips on candle making.

Safety precautions-

– Never heat wax on an open flame, if you have a gas stove like me be VERY careful.

– Do not heat wax in a microwave.

– Do not heat wax unattended whilst heating.

– In case of fire, turn heat off. DO NOT extinguish with water. Pour sand on the flames.

– Do not pour hot gel wax down the sink or toilet.



All photos taken by Melissa Louise. Hand Model- Nikita da Silva.

Product Crush- The Artisan

Readers meet The Artisan, if you don’t already know about them climb out from under your rock! The Artisan is local brand that produce the most beautiful copper and timber lamps. They are a small business based in Cape Town, South Africa and have been “creating nice things since 2013″ .

The Artisan

Today is a big day for them, they have just launched their very own online store.. and to celebrate they are offering free local shipping!! *Table and bedside lamps only, valid till 30 June 2014. YAY right?

I am in total love with the table lamps, The Mini Copper Jack is my fave. Which is yours? Tweet me at @MissNunnerley . cc @theartisancoza in.

The Artisan

Make The Artisan apart of your home, these lamps make the perfect statement piece. They also do gift vouchers if you would like to buy them for a friend, e-mail for further information.

Keep updated on what they do next, follow them on tiwtter- @theartisancoza & facebook.


All photographs from The Artisan.

Our exciting news… Meet Sullivan, our Siamese fur baby.

So last week I excitedly told you James and I had news for you all…

We got a Kitten! (Sorry I skipped Fridays blog post, I was bonding with this little guy…)

We have named him Sullivan. He is a pure bred, apple head, chocolate point Siamese with the most beautiful character. I’m so in love with this little guy, it’s crazy!

Meet Sullivan by Melissa Louise


He is 8 weeks old and is so tiny, but so agile, very talkative and has such a beautiful temperament. He is just like a baby, needs feeding every few hours and needs to be shown where the litter box is at night. He is so relaxed, sleeps alot and loves snuggling. He suckles on my nose and finds comfort in my hair, it’s amazing to be so loved by this tiny little thing that needs you. (Broody… me? NEVER, haha)

I already couldn’t imagine our little family without him and can’t stand the thought of him getting any bigger…

Meet Sullivan by Melissa Louise

Meet Sullivan by Melissa Louise

Follow me on social media to see more adventures of Sullivan the cat ( #adventuresofsullivanthecat )

Have a happy week friends.


Photographs by Melissa Louise