Full Design Services:

I love working one-on-one with clients to help transform their spaces. This service requires an initial consultation at your home.

Once the consultation is complete I will draw up the appropriate cad plans or three dimensional drawings and correspond as necessary to see the design through till the end.

My involvement will be based on the scope of the project.

 E-Design Services:

This service is aimed at the client, anywhere in the world, who needs a jump-start their room, they require a plan and direction. If you are in need of simple design advice on resources, space planning, paint etc you can email me your questions.

All correspondence will be via email/skype.

This option includes:

  • An Initial Consultation (if necessary)
  • List of sources and summary of the concept
  • Sample / Moodboard

 1 Hour Design Consultation:

If you are local and wanting to take the design process on yourself but need help getting pointed in the right direction then I would be happy to help with a one hour design consultation.

The hour is yours to ask questions and gain insight. We can walk through your home room-by-room or spend the time in one room exploring different design options.


Should you be preparing for a photo shoot, event or just need advice on styling areas of your home this is the service you would require. This includes accessorizing and organizing.