Etsy Round up: Halloween

Etsy halloween round up by melissa louise

Etsy halloween round up by melissa louise

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Iv recently got a new laptop, its an amazing feeling having a new one after six years, my other still chugs along but is SO slow… anyway, only mid way of creating this post did I realise that I was missing/hadn’t yet installed the crucial programs I needed to finish this post. Iv had a super busy past two weeks follow me on twitter and instagram to keep involved with the goings on behind the blog posts. With out further ado below is yesterdays Etsy round up , better late then never. :)

Since Halloween is just a week away, I thought I would collect a few of my favs which you can have shipped to you just in time. I do wish Halloween was a bigger deal here in SA, it’s such a fun time and who doesn’t love a good dress up and lots of candy, only a few stores will go out of their way to stock a few rad products otherwise its not celebrated the same as in other countries….

I’m simply obsessed with no.6. Must have those….



Images: by various, listed as numbered. 




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