Product crush: Zana || Coin Purse

As most of you may know I am one of the designers at Zana. This month marks my one year with the team and seriously it is and has been my dream job! I am so grateful to have found and to be able to do what I love everyday.

We have done SO much in the last year but one of my very favourite projects and one we are all so proud of is our new coin purses which launched this past week.

Zana Coin purses - Melissa Louise

They are the perfect combo of fun and luxury! They are double sided, textiles on the front and genuine leather on the back. The variety of new Zana original textiles are bound to appeal to many and if you didn’t have enough to choose from each design comes in two shapes, round bottom and rectangle. eeeeek.

Zana Coin purses - Melissa Louise

 How beautiful are all the brass details? *DROOOL

Zana Coin purses - Melissa Louise

In my bias opinion, they are a total must have!!

Shop them in ZAR for R230.00 each – HERE
Shop them in USD for $23.00 each – HERE


Photographs by Melissa Louise & Zana

Love Milo launches a new range and man I am excited

I have always crushed on Love Milo , their designs are simply elegant and I absoultley love the cross use of materials and textures. Excitingly , last week Nikki and I attended the launch of Love Milo’s botanical range at Nap Living in Cape Quarter.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

 My dear friend Nikki & I.

Nap is TO.DIE.FOR ! It was my first time there and I cannot believe what I have been missing out on… They stock a beautiful array of products from linen and glassware to furniture and so much more. Everything has a natural aethetic and this couldnt have been a better setting for the launch of Love Milo’s botanical range.

All Love Milo designs are created using photography, none are computer generated, this allows the final product to reflect the graphic lines and forms found in nature while also maintaining the slight imperfections of our environment.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise


 “It is this natural diversity within african environment that is the inspiration behind all our products. ” – Nicki, founder and owner of Love Milo.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Most of Love Milo’s designs are monochrome and while this is my favourite I do like the hint of colour in the new botany range. Visit the Love Milo’s website here, they also have an online store – how convenient!

Like them on Facebook or instagram to keep up with new and fun projects Nicki is busy on… Want to know more about Nap Living? Visit their website here.

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

I am obsessed with the Tribal stripe cushion and I am totally considering using it in my bedroom makeover that I am busy with… 

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Love Milo Launch- Melissa Louise

Thank you to Nap for hosting us and for supplying the delicious treats and to Love Milo for a wonderful evening and our little keep sakes.


 All images by Melissa Louise, cover image by Love Milo. 

Addis Easy Keepers- Review

Ever find that your plastic storage containers vanish or you tend to either find the lid or the base, but seldom the two together? Insert Addis Easy Keepers, not only is it incredibly handy that the lids clip to the base making them easy to find, I have open shelves for storage in my kitchen and this new and improved design makes for a neat and tidy cupboard. YAY!

I got these easy keepers a little while ago to test drive and seriously, I am impressed… They are such great sizes and have totally neatened up my shelves. The one and only request I would have is to have them in another colour, at the moment they are only available in this maroon/red. As I said I have exposed shelves in my kitchen and the red clashes a little with the muted pastels through out my home, see home tour here, I would be totally thrilled if they were brought out in white. Its nice to have variety too, right?


Addis Easy Keepers are safe to use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher and are made in South Africa from high quality plastic that is food safe and BPA free.



Easy keepers are available in 6 sizes from Pick n Pay and Checkers stores..

I am such a sucker for being pampered and thanks to Addis, saving me so much time when it comes to neat and tidy storage, I am able to have a facial and not feel bad… :)



Photos 1-3 are my own.

Photo 4 – Addis


Publik Wine Bar

Publik Wine bar by Melissa Louise

On Friday November first we attended the opening of Andy fenner and David Copes PUBLIK WINE BAR based on 81 Church Street, Cape Town. A good friend Kristian Sorensen is the wine connoisseur at Publik, the wine bar is stocked with natural wines which are organically made and are free of sulphates. This is an offering not widely found in most Cape Town bars and restaurants. The wine bar is open from 4pm daily, I do recommend you pop in and see what’s on offer.

“As is the case with most good ideas, Publik Wine Bar was conceived halfway through a fair amount of booze.

The idea seemed simple. I was opening a butchery with a liquor license. I didn’t want to run a bar. Dave did. Two beers later we had pretty much come up with the concept. A wine bar inside a butchery.

That’ll work, won’t it? What if it was a wine bar inside a butchery that concentrates on natural wines. A bar showcasing interesting varietals. A bar championing winemakers who like to do as little to their grapes as possible. A bar for people who love wine but are bored of drinking the same stuff. And guess what? We actually did it.” – Andy Fenner

Publik Wine bar by Melissa Louise

Publik Wine bar by Melissa Louise

The interior is a minimalistic take on industrialism, I love the mix of textures and materials. These include exposed/raw concrete, timber and copper piping. The walls and chairs are painted black this dark palette lends to a underground cellar feel, just perfect for a wine bar. Love love love.

Have a look at their website for further details.


Photographs sourced from instagram- Melissa Louise, Kristian Sørensen , Andy Fenner

Pinotage on tap 2013

What an amazing weekend, I have truly not had one of those in a LONG time!! Saturday in particular was my favourite, we attended the 9th Annual Pinotage on Tap festival. The festival is centred around celebrating the new vintage of the ever-popular Dimersfontein coffee chocolate pinotage, and OH MY was it delicious.

Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

We arranged a shuttle to fetch us from home in Cape Town and made our +- hour journey to the Dimersfontein Wine and Country Estate  in Wellington. I really really recommend organising a driver should you want to attend the festival. Minimal fuss, and the peace of mind that you will arrive to and from the festival safely. If you fill up your van its really inexpensive.

The entry gates opened at 12h30, the program for the day was filled with live entertainment and instruction as to when the food stations would open. They had 3 delicious meals on offer redeemable with food vouchers. The ostrich sausage, mash and gravy was my favourite and so weather appropriate. It was really well organised (baring the dessert scavenger hunt) and we had such a lovely time with friends in such a picturesque setting.

Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

 Goodie bags and Pinotage on tap.

Upon arrival we were greeted by tunes of a live jazz band, the goodie bag station and the first of many wine barrels. The Pinotage is so smooth, with distinct flavours of coffee and dark chocolate with a hint of mint and baked plums on the nose. Ripe subtle tannins create a wine to be enjoyed young hence the celebration of the new vintage which harvested in August.

Our goodie bags included a program for the day, a wine glass, a bottle of water, a sandwich (how responsible of the organisers, lining our stomachs as we entered) and a few promotional flyers.

Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

 Left: The country house & a jazz band. Right: James & I

“Although it drizzled most of the day, there was plenty of coverage and wine to keep us warm. We had so much fun dancing in the rain.” – Melissa

Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

 Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

Left: Chris & Milos. Middle: James & Andrea. Right: Katy & Kirsten. 

Over the past year James and I have been blessed with some amazing new friends, the kind you feel you’ve known forever. You guys are seriously wonderful, thank you for making these amazing memories with us!

One member of our friendship group is the talented wine, food and lifestyle blogger Katy from Katys Table.  I love her blog, her writing is witty, smart and each post takes me on an adventure. She will also be documenting our POT2013 adventure so be sure to like her on facebook to keep up to date with new features.

Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

Food & live entertainment.

The musical line up included Gangs of Ballet, Natasha Meister and Newton’s 2nd Law. The perfect balance of chill.


Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

One too many glasses of wine and two new friends. 

Pinotage on Tap 2013 by Melissa Louise

The view from the top of the estate.

Although the event closed at 18h30 we had make the executive decision for our driver to arrive at 17h30. It was perfect timing…

You are welcome to join the Dimersfontein fan club on their website.

We will definitely be going next year.


All Photographs taken by Melissa Louise