Last weeks discovered links #14

This past week has been incredibly awesome, my bestie got married and I am just so excited, in love with life and exhausted!

For those of you new readers that want to know more about what this series is about- Last weeks discovered links is inspired by the wonderful things I discover all over the internet. I wanted to share my wants, needs and good reads with my readers and hope you like where this is going….

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Here is a few of my fave things on the internet this past week-

Last weeks discovered links  #14 by Melissa Louise

1. So obsessed with this DIY I’m going to make Sullivan a kitty castle…

2. I think I’m in denial

3. This would be my dream come true… Renovating a 100 year old church into a home! How incredible is this space?

4. Seriously yummy recipes!

5. Us #zanagirls went to the new Creamery Cafe in Salt River


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Pinotage on tap 2014

Much like last year, Pinotage on Tap was SO much fun….What an amazing Saturday in the sun! The festival is centred around celebrating the new vintage of the ever-popular Dimersfontein pinotage, and what a thing to celebrate!

Pinotage on tap 2014 Pinotage on tap 2014

We arranged a shuttle to fetch us from home in Cape Town and made our +- one hour journey to the Dimersfontein Wine and Country Estate  in Wellington. I really really recommend organising a driver should you want to attend the festival. Minimal fuss, and the peace of mind that you will arrive to and from the festival safely. If you fill up your van its really inexpensive.

Pinotage on tap 2014 edit3

What you can expect from the Pintoage on Tap festival-  The entry gates opened at 12h30, we were greeted with goodie bags which included a program for the day, a wine tasting glass, a bottle of water, a sandwich (how responsible of the organisers, lining our stomachs as we entered).

The day is filled with lots of wine, live entertainment and food stations which are all littered amongst the people. The food was delicious and is redeemable with food vouchers.

Pinotage on tap 2014

A big thank you to the friendly staff for all your hard work. 

Pinotage on tap 2014

This year I noticed there was also a Dimersfontein chenin blanc barrel, it was so hot this year the chenin was very in demand, and the ques where long! But my favourite and by far the main attraction is the Pinotage and there was plenty of that to go around!

It’s so smooth, with distinct flavours of coffee and dark chocolate with a hint of mint and baked plums on the nose. Ripe subtle tannins create a wine to be enjoyed young hence the celebration of the new vintage which harvested in August. I recommend you try it.

Pinotage on tap 2014

We had such a lovely time with friends in such a picturesque setting.

You are welcome to join the Dimersfontein fan club on their website.

We will definitely be going next year.


All Photographs taken by Melissa Louise

Last weeks discovered links #13

Have a look see what I am loving on the internet this week…

Last weeks links discovered by Melissa Louise

1. Nifty250 now do classic strips and I am so darn excited!!

2. Personalise your gift wrapping with these #DIY paper flowers

3. I am loving EmmaJaneNations Grayscale series, see #1 and #2 here.

4. The Watershed at the V&A Waterfront launched today,its beautiful and you should totally go!!

5. I want one of these Hello Harriet dresses, like SO bad! *coming sooon.


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The Woodstock Tour || #WWIM10_CT

This past weekend in Cape Town was spectacular, we experienced two beautifully long “summer” days.

This evening was particularly lovely, I attended The Woodstock Tour instawalk hosted by @igerscapetown & @CraigHowes of @CityofCapeTown. Have a look at the photos taken by everyone who attended at this hashtag over on Instagram – #WWIM10_CT

It was so great to meet new people and the residents of lower Woodstock were so friendly and really embraced us being there.

Here are a few of my shots of our walk around the Woodstock exchange area-

The Woodstcok Tour - Melissa Louise

The street art is AMAZING! The one above was my fave. 

The Woodstcok Tour - Melissa Louise

The Woodstcok Tour - Melissa Louise

Nikki Albertyn from Gathered and I. 

The Woodstcok Tour - Melissa Louise

Ross Symons from White on Rice.

The Woodstcok Tour - Melissa Louise

The Woodstcok Tour - Melissa Louise

 Follow me on instagram to see more of my daily adventures… ( @MelissaLouiseN ) and follow the @igerscapetown instagram account to see when the next walk will take place because you should totally go!


All photographs by Melissa Louise

Product crush: Zana || Coin Purse

As most of you may know I am one of the designers at Zana. This month marks my one year with the team and seriously it is and has been my dream job! I am so grateful to have found and to be able to do what I love everyday.

We have done SO much in the last year but one of my very favourite projects and one we are all so proud of is our new coin purses which launched this past week.

Zana Coin purses - Melissa Louise

They are the perfect combo of fun and luxury! They are double sided, textiles on the front and genuine leather on the back. The variety of new Zana original textiles are bound to appeal to many and if you didn’t have enough to choose from each design comes in two shapes, round bottom and rectangle. eeeeek.

Zana Coin purses - Melissa Louise

 How beautiful are all the brass details? *DROOOL

Zana Coin purses - Melissa Louise

In my bias opinion, they are a total must have!!

Shop them in ZAR for R230.00 each – HERE
Shop them in USD for $23.00 each – HERE


Photographs by Melissa Louise & Zana