Last weeks discovered links #17

Managing social media accounts is what inspires me to do this blog series, while doing my thang I discover so many amazing things that people are up to… This week here are my top 5 finds.

Last weeks discovered links temp NEW

1 || This is such a cute idea for a party…

2 || Busy with home renos? The most beautiful kitchen back-splashes.

3 || Mid 20th Century “selfie” and other street photos a man bought on auction.

4 || A little obsessed with this marbled moon phases DIY.

5 || So many of us get it wrong… This makes me giggle!


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12 months with Sullivan

Today marks 1 whole year since this little kitty came into our lives… and we are still so in love.

Having a pet is a big deal, so much responsibility! Before getting Sullivan, James and I were nervous. James had never had a cat before and me well I grew up with them. But we were nervous still, did you know a Siamese can live for 20+ years, that means Sullivan is going to be around till I’m nearly 50! How scary- that feels like a whole life time away…

April kittyThen: April 2014

No amount of research into his breed could have prepared me for how loving, loyal and clever this little cat is… He plays fetch, catches “fish” on the ipad (yes our cat plays on the ipad) and is so very talkative.

These 12 months with Sully have been so much fun, he has provided us with so much love and we love him just the same.


Now: December 2014 . See Sullivan’s kitty castle DIY here.

More recent photos and Sullivans growth can be seen over on Instagram – @Adventuresofsullivanthecat


PS: I am that crazy cat lady! Gasp! 


Last weeks discovered links #16

Things I am loving on the internet from last week…

week161 || So in love with this Trinket necklace Curious Babe bought at the Design Indaba.

2 || This weeks motto- “Do today with love”

3 ||  Apartment living, I adore these 25 absolutely beautiful small kitchens

4 || If you do not own one of these note books we cant be friends!

5 || The secret to keeping rugs in place…


Images listed by various links. 

The only shades of grey I’m lusting over

50 Shades of Grey has taken the world by storm, with so many opinions out there, good storm or bad storm I will let you decide…. but these are the only shades of grey I’m lusting over!

50 shades of grey by melissa Louise

one || Slouchy T  – MRP

two || Sweet Almond & Macaroon Home Candle – Jo Malone

three || Straw Ribbon Panama Hat – Woolworths

four || Sabina Ankle Boot – Country Road

five || Black Spec Coin Purse – Zana



Last weeks discovered links #15 – with a fresh new look

Lately I have been so overwhelmed by the abundance of beautiful and creative things all over the internet.

Side note: I am constantly fighting an inward battle about posting regurgitated content regularly on my blog VS my own original content less frequently…. I want to contribute to the beautiful things out there and be proud that I came up with that and shared my photos with the world. However I find that if you “want to make it” in the blogging sphere you have to get them stats up and the only way that can be done is through consistency. I am no robot and simply cannot post every day, so what is one to do? 

I have had great reviews about this series and so I will continue to do them… Here is what I have discovered (and loved) on the internet lately,

Last weeks links with Melissa Louise

1 || 27 beautiful infographics that teach you how to cook, well, kinda!

2 || I am so in love with this DIY hanging flower installation, future Melissa needs this on her wedding day.

3 || I am obsessed with peg board at the moment, here are 5 ways to use it in your home.

4 || Two foodie apps I have recently downloaded, Zomato and Marions Kitchen app. You NEED them too…

5 || How beautiful is this home tour of Whitney Port’s Bohemian Venice Loft?


Images listed by various links.