Etsy Roundup: Evil Eye

Evil Eye Etsy round up by Melissa Louise

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We are kicking this Friday off with something that’s trending like crazy at the moment, the Evil Eye symbol. 

I was first exposed to the evil Eye when on holiday in Greece. The evil eye is a malevolent look that many cultures believe able to cause injury or misfortune for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. Talismans (A talisman  is an object which is believed to contain certain magical properties which would provide good luck for the possessor and possibly offer protection from evil or harm.) created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called “evil eyes.”

Traditionally in Greece the evil eye is predominantly a feature in jewellery and glass talismans while today its a symbol that’s being applied to any medium.

Below is a roundup of  evil eye products that can be purchased on Etsy. While evil eye jewellery remains quite traditional, the evil eye has been adapted in print and in some instances it has been broken down into elements that only suggest the symbol.

My absolute favourites are numbers 7, 11 and 13. Which are yours?

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 Images: by various, listed as numbered. 

Guest Post: Kitchen Makeover

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise


Today’s guest post is featuring the home of Nikki & Nicholas from They are new home owners and towards the end of last year Nikki had the exciting opportunity of partnering up with Plascon for their very first home DIY paint job. I gave them some advice on a preconceived idea they had for their kitchen…it turned out just stunning!

Since then their home has been transformed as they prepared for the arrival of baby Jordan.

One Sunday they headed out to Builders Warehouse and bought all the stuff they needed: turps, brushes, rollers, rolling pans and so on. You get awesome little ‘painters packs’ there for about R60, which include nearly everything you need.

They started off by masking off the area first. This is a boring process but is so worth the end result, it makes life a lot easier, and neater.

“The ‘prepping’ by far takes the longest.” – Nikki

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

Banjoe wanting to get involved. He ended up with a spare paint brush to chew on. Lucky pup.

The colour used for the stripes is Crazy Daisy (Y4-A1-1) by Plascon. It’s such a vibrant and happy colour.

They then moved over to what would be the show stopper in this room, Nikki has always wanted a chalk board wall in her home. Its so much fun, and Nic being an animator his illustrations on this wall bring a quirky personal touch to the room.

Nikki and I sat one evening debating which wall to attack with chalkboard paint. The selected wall would allow for the drama and contrast they were after.

Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

Nic and Nikki painting.


Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise


Guest Post Kitchen Makeover by Melissa Louise

 “It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own house, literally JUST to do stuff like this. I’m so thankful.” -Nikki

I really love the outcome. The yellow stripes are just my favourite. What do you think? See the following posts on Nikkis blog to see how they have made use of the chalkboard wall:

Our BIG news.

HAPPY EASTER to all our friends, family & followers.

It’s a BOY!

If you, like Nikki, just need a One hour design consultation, get in contact with me.

Thank you Nikki, my special friend, for allowing us into your home.


 Images: by Nikki Smal

Etsy Roundup: Birds of a feather

With the onset of Spring, I’ve had lots of pretty birds chirping in my, over grown and in need of some tlc, garden. It has been wonderful, hence the inspiration for todays Etsy roundup.

Birds of a feather Etsy roundup by Melissa Louise

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 Images: by various, listed as numbered. 

Product Crush: Zwei21 Interioricity Lamp

While trawling the internet, as one does, I came across this beautifully deigned yet simple and slightly futuristic looking copper lamp. So in keeping with my love for copper today’s product crush is the Zwei21 Interioricity Lamp.

We often take electricity for granted, because it’s invisible and intangible, but take a moment to consider how much it helps in our everyday lives. The Zwei21 Interioricity lamp has been designed in respect of electricity. Let’s face it, we really depend on it and hardly can survive without it…

Keeping this in mind, Jasmin Kastner and Marc Joschko, the industrial design duo behind Coburg, Germany-based Zwei21have developed Interioricity lamp, a simple futuristic copper lamp combined with an extension cord.

Product Crush interioricity-zwei21-01 by Melissa Louise

Colored textile cables, plugs, lampshades and joints can be combined and placed in various constellations. The extension cord with the plug works as a cable storage on the wall. The setting can either consist of one single cable or there can derive up to three cables from the joint. The ends can be equipped with electric plugs or LED lamps. All lamps and plugs can be hung or placed on a desk. Metal frames hold the lampshades in position. Zwei21

Product Crush interioricity-zwei21-01 by Melissa Louise


Courtesy of Zwei21.