DIY Belt and Scarf Storage Ladder

DIY Scarf Ladder Feature by Melissa LouiseOn Fridays I would normally share an Etsy Round up with you but due to yesterdays madness and inability to get this post out, I have something far more exciting… You can see previous Etsy Round ups here and here. For today though its time for some scarf reviving storage solutions.

For those of you who follow me on twitter you would have seen that on Monday I bought a really shabby timber ladder off gumtree for R100.00 (+- $0.10). The plan for this was to alleviate a problem I’m sure most girls have… STORAGE! Where to put your excessive but obviously necessary amount of shoes, belts and scarves. My dear friend, Nikki who is the author of a beautiful family & lifestyle blog called Nikki and Nicholas, has previously posted a beautiful rendition of exactly what I’m about to attempt. See her Ladder here.

Scarf cupboard by Melissa Louise

My current scarf and belt store. (It’s such a mission finding whats at the back)

This Ladder was originally a bunk bed ladder. I was looking for something small that wouldn’t be over powering in my bedroom and lets face it I wouldn’t be able to reach the top had it been any taller. But in hind site, this one was a little too small as I couldn’t fit all my scarves and belts on it. So chose wisely according to your needs.

Once you have your ladder prepare it by giving it a light sand (It’s recommended that you do this part outside). Once sanded wipe it down with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust particles. I did this DIY in two evenings after work, hence painting inside. If you decide to paint inside make sure your space is well ventilated.


DIY-Ladder-before by Melissa Louise

 The ladder, sanded, wiped down and ready to paint.

The paint selection is entirely up to you. I stuck to what I had left over from another DIY I’m yet to share, its an off white by Plascon. I would suggest two coats of paint and primer, although I didn’t use primer this time round and it turned out just fine.

DIY-Ladder-during by Melissa Louise

 The Ladder after one coat of paint. I left the top tread bare to allow me to turn it around while wet.


DIY Ladder done by Melissa Louise

The Ladder in position and doing its thang.

I love the way it turned out despite the fact that I still have scarves and belts shoved at the bottom of my cupboard. Think i’ll need two ladders… *Blush*.

Below are three easy ways to store your belts on a storage ladder.

1. Loop: Simply loop the belt around the tread, do this lightly allowing the belt to hold its natural curve.

2. Wrap: Tightly wrap you belt around the tread closing it off as you would when around your waist, using the buckle to secure it.

3. Drape: Drape the belt over the tread, I felt this worked better for bigger belts.

how-to-wrap-the-belt-numbered by Melissa Louise

Three easy ways to store your belts on a storage ladder. 


 Images: All by Melissa Louise

So impressed. Mr Price Home

I’m forever googling over the pretty little things available in international online stores and have always felt that South Africa is just not there yet. Until now.

I didn’t often view the Mr Price website, I felt that it was lacking but the other day while looking for something specific, I went there… and was I surprised.

I’m so impressed with Mr Price and their collaboration movement. Not only does this expose local designers but promotes local design talent and boy have we got it. It also offers the buyer a better product, one that’s personal, on trend and of great quality. I personally am put off by mass produced poor quality products but it’s exciting to see Mr Price growing their brand and offering so much more. With my experience as a furniture designer to have a brand such as Mr Price endorse your product is truly a great achievement due to is sheer scale of distribution. The Colab collections are available in limited stores nation wide have a look here and here for further information on this movement and where you can purchase these products.

Mr Price Home 1 by Melissa Louise

I’m also so impressed by the new websites and the overall functionality of it. It’s great to see that majority of their stock items are available online now where in the past I felt the website was unreliable and the store itself had so much more to offer then what was displayed online. Here are a few of favorite international stores- West ElmAnthropologieIkea and One Kings Lane. And while I cant visit these stores and really compare the stock instore to on website ratio, the difference is that these sites make me feel as if I don’t even need to visit the store. It’s all right there. And Mr Price is heading in this direction.

This is what Mr Price had to say about the colab movement:

“Championing the great design is very important to Mr Price Home, it is who we are and what we do: For the past fourteen years, a talented team of designers at Mr Price Home have interpreted international trends to develop our own home grown designs that we know our customers will love. Now we are embarking on a creative journey to show you what excites us about the creative talent alive and thriving in South Africa. By collaborating with trending South African artists, we will be bringing you a unique range of home decor. Look out for COLAB in selected Mr Price Home stores.” – Mr Price website.

Mr Price Home 2 by Melissa Louise

Good luck Mr Price, from a very excited me.


Images: Off Mr Price Website. 

Etsy Round up: Emerald

Today is Friday! and I’m excited to present to you my second Etsy round up, the first round up on Ceramics & Porcelain Products can be seen here.

I’m so in love with this colour right now, only to find out its been named Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013.

I’ve decided to put together an emerald round up showcasing beautiful products that embrace this rich and vibrant colour, all items available on Etsy .


Etsy round up by Melissa Louise

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 . 13 . 14 . 15 . 16



 Images: by various, listed as numbered. 

Our Home: Moving Day. No 71

Its fast approaching our one year anniversary of living at no. 71. We have created so many memories and really have enjoyed our home. Iv been longing for an entire year to get Melissa Louise up and running so that I can share this adventure with friends and family that live afar.

Here is a little flash back of moving day. 29.06.2012

Moving day was so exciting. I couldn’t sleep for nights before, this was something Id been wanting for the longest time. The weather a little overcast and June being winter we wished the rain away. I unfortunately had to work that Saturday morning from 9am-1pm (gotta love retail). It was a bizarre feeling leaving one home that morning and arriving at another some 4 hours later, one that was all ours. James and I both lived with our parents before the big move, we were very excited to start this new adventure together

Our home 71. by Melissa Louise

Moving in by Melissa Louise

Welcome home by Melissa Louise

We were so blessed to have the help of loved ones that day. Many hands create light work and with that, I arrived just after 1pm and all the manual labour had been done. (Promise I didn’t plan to get out of that one) But I was just in time for the delivery of our fridge and washing machine and the unpacking of everything.

Tafelberg Furnishers were so great, from step one. Efficient, well priced (we even managed a little discount) and even year later their after service is prompt and friendly.We then had a very informal but delicious lunch and spent the rest of the day unpacking, cleaning and basking in what was ours.

Tafelberg-Furnishers by Melissa Louise

kfc-lunch by Melissa Louise

That evening we sat on a borrowed couch in our lounge cluttered with boxes, we lit a fire and stared at each other. What fun we are going to have we both agreed. That was a premonition like no other, one year later we are so happy and have achieved so much together. I cant wait to share an updated house tour.

Although this was a very exciting day for us and we only really had two bedrooms to move, others may find that physically transporting the contents of an entire home and other belongings to your new home can be the most stressful part of the whole moving process.

With some careful planning and a little preparation, much of the stress can be avoided.

Here are a few tips and some advice for when moving:

1. Have help. Packing, unpacking, moving, carrying- That’s what friends are there for.

2.Pack by rooms. Try to keep similar room items together, for example books, CDs, clothes, kitchen utensils etc. This will make unpacking much easier

3. Label your boxes efficiently. This helps when it comes to unpacking. I had one last box, until last month, that I just couldn’t tackle. The label read ‘ADMIN’, but when unpacking I found treasures I thought Id thrown away. I would have unpacked it ages ago had the label been more precise.

4. Cleaning. Wash your linen, crockery and miscellaneous items as you pack them away/put them in their place. This will create lighter work at a later stage.

5. Prioritise. Where to unpack first? My two were the bathroom and the bedroom. Its a good idea to make up your bed first, that way you can crash when all else seems a mess.

6. Food. Consider ordering your favourite takeaway to keep everyone happy and avoid the hassle of preparing food on your first night. KFC was our lunch time snack and we celebrated by going out for dinner.

7. Recycle your cardboard, surprising just how much cardboard you’ll have after the move. To avoid being surrounded by empty boxes for days, spend an hour dismantling them and take them to the recycling centre.



Images: All by Melissa Louise

Yay for long weekends & Fathers day

What a wonderful weekend we’v just had. Not only was it special because of fathers day, but when you work on Saturdays having Monday off really makes it feel like a proper weekend… And what a busy weekend it was.

Melissa Louise went LIVE on Saturday afternoon, how very exciting. I’m taking baby steps and starting slowly but the response I’v had already has been so great, I’m truly grateful for the support of my friends. Thank you guys! Mushy stuff out of the way… I pretty much napped the rest of Saturday, oh and ate myself silly. What bliss.

On Sunday we had booked to visit The Barnyard Theatre in celebration of fathers day. This time we went to see an 80’s Music show, they have various shows on throughout the year, have a look at their year planner for up and coming shows. The 80’s show was filled with humor, great songs and flash backs of the 80’s. I was blown away with the lighting, it was incredible. The performers engage with the audience and encourage dancing, clapping and singing. It really is a fun experience for all ages.

Barnyard by Melissa Louise

When visiting the Barnyard you have the option to order sweet or savoury snack platters and pizzas from them or you could bring your own goodies, My family had packed a pic-nic basket of delicious treats. It is compulsory to purchase your beverages from the theatre though, its recommended that you order a few of what you’ll be drinking as to avoid getting up mid show for refreshments. Your drinks are put into an ice bucket and kept cool at your table for your convenience.  To beat the rush and allow for time to chat and eat, we go an hour before showtime so that by the time the show starts and the lights go out, you can sit back and enjoy. It was lovely to spend time with family at the theatre.

Farthers-day 2 by Melissa Louise

Dad, myself and Reece (my not so little brother)

Farthers-day 3 by Melissa Louise

Amanda (step mom) , Reece and I

Then came Monday, filled with sleeping in, gourmet breakfast, grocery shopping, lazing on the couch and sunshine. James and I are not so much morning people and could pretty much sleep till lunch time, so I had to give us a reason to get up early ( yes, 11am is early…) and flapjacks it was! I followed a recipe from Just Easy Recipes which was simple although I had to dramatically downsize their portions as I was totally not catering for 30 people. but they turned out delicious non the less.

flap-jack-monday by Melissa Louise

James and I took turns creating yummy variations of flapjacks, my favorite was the Citrus and honey Flapjack, while James enjoyed his triple decker of peanut butter, chocolate sauce and honey… And no we didn’t even get through the whole stack of flap jacks, they were very filling, so I ended up sharing them with our resident homeless folk on the corner of our street.

flap-jack-monday 2 by Melissa Louise

(I couldn’t resist a little cheesy, “I <3 U” pancake for James’ plate. )

The rest of the day followed and I now start my week feeling loved, refreshed and happy.

New gold fish by Melissa Louise

Oh and we bought a few fishies for our indoor/outdoor pond. Arnt they sweet.




Images: All by Melissa Louise