Trending Now: Black & White

Black and white is an old classic. This season not only is it trending in fashion but in interiors too. Here’s a look at Black and white inspired interiors done right.

Black and white interior trending by Melissa louise

A: Orlando Soria apartment makeover on Emily Hendersons blog.

This is a great way to incorporate b&w into a space without it being too overbearing. In Emily Hendersons article her focus is on how to create a focal wall using black and white art pieces as an anchor.

B: Home of Graphic Designer Therese Sennerholt.

Design Studio 210 has written a great article on how Therese has used her home as an extension of her brand, see it here. This is a good example of how to do a complete b&w colour palate right.

Below are a few local items you can purchase and incorporate into your home to achieve b&w inspired looks.

Black and white interior trending by Melissa louise

1: Magis, Tempo Clock Black – R1819.00 can be purchased at 5Rooms.

2: Country Road, Cantina Large Jug – R59.00 can be purchased at Woolworths.

3: Rough Diamond Pencil Bag – R60.00 can be purchased at Skinny La Minx.

Black and white interior trending by Melissa louise

4: Knitted hounds-tooth tassel scarf – R59.99 can be purchased at MR Price clothing store.

5: Anchor Pattern Cushion Cover – R220.00 can be purchased at Zana.

6: Country Road, Edel Queen Quilt Cover – R999.00 can be purchased at Woolworths.




 Images: by various, listed as numbered.