DIY Dinosaur Bookends

During my Moody Sunday Thrifting I bought this sweet little triceratops, he cost all of R5.00 (+-$0.52). A touch of gold paint and some left over timber pieces from a previous DIY project and these Dino Bookends were born.


  • Clean the dinosaur (or whichever plastic toy you have purchased) in soapy warm water.
  • Get all your items prepared.

Collage DIY Dino by Melissa Louise


  • Apply 3 coats of gold paint, apply 1 layer at a time and let dry.
  • Cut the Dinosaur in half.
  • Fill the empty shell with silicone, this will allow for a larger surface area when gluing it to the timber base.

Collage 2 DIY Dino by Melissa Louise


  • My piece of timber was already cut, but cut your piece into 4 equal pieces,
  • Nail two pieces into a basic ‘L’ shape as seen in the photographs below.

Collage 3 DIY Dino by Melissa Louise


  • Glue the head to the one timber angle, and the backside to the other.
  • Allow to dry over night.
  • and you’re done.

Collage 4 DIY Dino by Melissa Louise


Images: All by Melissa Louise

Moody Sunday Thrifting

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”- Unknown.

I love this concept. I often find myself strolling markets for feel good pieces, items with a story. I feel a piece with a story can add another dimension to your interior, a cosy warm feeling that only time can add. On Sunday I set out on an adventure. Not only do I find joy in bargain shopping and getting looks for less, thrifting is specially for my ocd behaviour to stand aside and allow my inner hoarder to run wild. I’m one of those who all my life have kept things in-case, in-case I may need it… and believe me that day often comes- the day after Iv finally built up the courage to throw the item away.

This particular Sunday was moody. Table Mountain in the back drop, the air was crisp and had a fresh sea breeze. I strolled the market in my coat and scarf, happy to be there in the moment. I tend to leave the house with a budget, this time R150.00 (+- $16), that way I cant buy too much nonsense, but could afford something lovely should it catch my eye.


I’m always taken aback by the beautiful crockery and china. I tend to piece mix match items together from stall to stall. I find myself creating beautiful table settings, an eclectic mix of items needing a second chance.

Other items I’m drawn to are lamps, paintings, old books and used furniture. This Sunday I purchased a beautiful over sized peach lamp for R40.00 (+- $4)- such a bargain buy and I cant wait to show you what I’v done with it.

Collage Sunday Thrifting

My main goal for the day was to find a portrait/vertical painting for our fire place mantel, I found beautiful paintings but non the right size or colour pallet. Above are some of my favourites. Emily Henderson is my absolute favourite Interior Designer and stylist, I watched her on Design Star and was rooting for her from the beginning, since then she has come along way see here how she can help you to style your mantle.



 Images: All by Melissa Louise