Homemade Iced Tea- Rooibos, Lemon, Mint & honey.

Home Made Ice Tea by Melissa Louise

I have this crazy obsession for Bos Ice Tea of late. It’s truly delicious but at my rate of consumption I thought its best that I try a home made version. Not to compete (as if I’d stand a chance) but a healthy, cost effective, quick and easy home made version.

Step One:

Choose your ingredients. The flavour of your Ice Tea is entirely up to you. I used ingredients I already had in my fridge and garden. I used a quarter lemon, a handful of mint, 4 Rooibos teabags to 1 litre of water and honey to taste.

Make sure you cut and clean the fresh produce. A little trick is to let your mint soak in a bowl of salt water this will kill any bacteria, hidden insects or parasites.

Step Two:

Add the tea bags into your jar of choice, pour in the boiling water (I find that tea brews better with boiling water) and leave the tea for a few minutes to brew. You can stir to speed up this process. Then add your ingredients gently as not to bruise or break them resulting in unwanted bits in your tea.


home made ice tea home made ice tea

home made ice tea home made ice tea

Step Three:

You can add sugar to taste, I didn’t add any as the honey is sweet enough for me but that’s up to you. Leave the tea to chill in the fridge, this time will also allow for the mint and lemon flavours to infuse the tea. Serve with ice.

DSC03525 home made ice tea

DSC03528 home made ice tea



 Images: All by Melissa Louise